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WKNC and the 2010 Krispy Kreme Challenge

With exams finished, classes forgotten, and a long winter break ahead, what was there left to do? Run a marathon while eating doughnuts of course! Starting as a dare by a few undergraduate students in December 2004, the Krispy Kreme Challenge soon evolved into a national sensation. Now over five years later, the challenge is expected to host 6,000 participants who will gorge their way through 72,000 glazed doughnuts!

In order to successfully complete the challenge, participants must start at the N.C. State Bell Tower and run two miles to the Krispy Kreme Store located on Peace St. in Raleigh. After downing down twelve glazed doughnuts, the competitor must make the two mile trek back to the Bell Tower, all within an hour. Last year, the challenge was covered on ESPN and in the past has been recognized by Sports Illustrated Magazine as one of the top things to do before you graduate. All proceeds for the Krispy Kreme Challenge go to well deserving North Carolina Children’s Hospital.

This year, WKNC is partaking in the Krispy Kreme Challenge as a Silver Level sponsor and putting forth some of it’s own deejays to compete. Although not known for being much of athletes, the WKNC staff does enjoy to eat, which should be their strength in the competition. Other competitors will recognize WKNC runners by their awesome and custom made Krispy Kreme t-shirts. Stay tuned to meet the few hopefuls who will brave the glazed filled trail and find out what music they’ll be listening to while competing!

The 2010 Krispy Kreme Challenge will be held on the morning of February 6th. The organization has almost reached its 6,000 runner cap and will be closing registration soon. For more information about registering or donating to the cause, please visit the official Krispy Kreme Challenge website.