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Post Turkey, 11/28, on Mystery Roach: Exploring a Record Collection

This Saturday, 11/28/2009, on Mystery Roach, Andrew, a Raleigh local, will be visiting to share the story about (and the music in) his windfall of a record collection.

In a nutshell, a friend from work prematurely lost her husband about two years ago.  (He suddenly died when they were traveling abroad.)  She was recently cleaning out her garage and wanted to know if he knew anyone who would be interested in her husband’s old stereo equipment.

Andrew said he would be. But he came away with more than just equipment.

“When I went to get it,” he says, “I asked about the piles of records, and she offered them to me.  A collection of  soul, funk, Motown, jazz, etc. A lot of stuff I hadn’t gotten to know in depth before.”

Andrew’s been poring over his new collection, and on Saturday we’ll hear about what he’s learned–some stuff he wasn’t familiar with before, and some “known unknowns” from favorite popular artists.

This weekend Andrew will share highlights from the collection.

Listen for:  Curtis Mayfield, the Impressions, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, Miles Davis, Jimmy Smith, Nina Simone, James Brown, Ray Charles, John Coltrane, The Chambers Brothers, Bill Withers, Etta James…

A great soundtrack to turn that turkey carcass into stock.

Talk to you then.

-La Barba Rossa