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Rogue Wave 2010 tour announced

This week has certainly been a strange one.  I decided earlier in the week that I’d haul all my Christmas stuff out of the garage and start putting it up.  In order to get in the real spirit, I broke out the eggnog, and one of my holiday comedy favorites, “Just Friends."  Judge my movie tastes as you will, but Rogue Wave plays on the soundtrack and it jogged my memory.  I hadn’t heard them in awhile and forgot how much I liked them.  So, it struck me as particularly odd that this week should be the week Rogue Wave announces their tentative tour dates for 2010.  Serendipitous, indeed.  Even more interesting is that they’re currently slated to swing by the Triangle on March 6 at Cat’s Cradle.  Something to look forward to in the new year…