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DJ Ones’ Five Music Facts from the past week

Vampire Weekend Courtsey of Casey Miler

1. Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig has revealed that the inspiration for Vampire Weekend’s next album, Contra, comes from both the popular 1987 Konami game and the Nicaraguan rebel groups. He added, “I did have a moment where I stopped and thought, ‘wow, everybody my age, when you say "Contra,” thinks of the video game, and everybody my parents’ age thinks of the counter-revolutionaries in Nicaragua.“ via (NME)

2. Singer Jarvis Cocker received a honorary degree from his hometown’s university, Sheffield Hallam. In regards to receiving the he said, I’m called a doctor now,” and, “Don’t worry, I won’t open a surgery. But I guess if you are a songwriter maybe I could have some kind of musical surgery. via (NME)

3. Animal Collective has revealed plans for their follow up to this year’s album "Merriwether Post Pavilion”. The five-track EP, which is titled Fall Be Kind, is set to be released for digital download on November 23, with a CD and vinyl version set to be released in December. via (NME)

4. !!! drummer Jerry Fauchs has passed away after an elevator accident in Williamburg, New York. The 34-year-old died after attempting to leap to safety from the elevator to the fifth floor of the building. via (NME)

5. Peter Gabriel (formely of Genesis) is set to have orchestral covers of bands including Bon Iver, Radiohead, and Arcade Fire. Althogh no dates have been officially announced the album is set to release some time next year. via (Pitchfork)