DJ Highlights

Music for the changing seasons

As the annual and always abrupt North Carolina summer-to-winter jump occurs outdoors, I’m forced to make some adjustments to my closet, as well as to my playlists.

There are some artists I can’t help but associate with cold weather. With my scarf collection is Bon Iver’s “For Emma, Forever Ago” and “Blood Bank EP,” with my winter coat comes Fleet Foxes’ “Sun Giant.”

And as December creeps closer, I wait as for Santa’s Christmas morning arrival to break out Sufjan Stevens’ holiday compilation “Songs for Christmas,” volumes one through five. These albums go hand in hand with cold weather.

I also look forward to adding to my winter music repertoire. From what I’ve heard so far, The Swell Season’s recent release, “Strict Joy,” may be a perfect addition.

What are some of your cold weather favorites in your music collection?