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EOT09 State Fair 10/19/09

This week’s Eye on the Triangle decided to give listeners a sneak peek at this year’s Pack Howl Act, but as always, our EOT team gave you the regular segments you are used to as well.

Evan Garris gave listeners an update on the balloon boy hoax, the interim executive director of the Alumni Association after Lennie Barton’s firing, the H1N1 vaccine running out in Wake County and more.

Derek Medlin, John Cooper Elias and Tyler Everett analyzed the Pack’s performance against Boston College.

In this week’s VIP, in honor of the North Carolina State Fair being in town, DJ Chris Cioffi took listeners on his journey to enjoy his State Fair experience, spending as little money as possible. He quickly found out that going for free was not a viable option. This year’s State Fair included a lot of representation from N.C. State, including an appearance from the infamous Hillsborough Street Barrel Monster, ice cream from N.C. State’s Food Science Department, a look at how to milk a cow from N.C. State’s Animal Science Club and more.

As promised, Homecoming Chair Adam Compton came on as a guest to Eye on the Triangle to officially announce the Homecoming Pack Howl Act. We talked to him about Homecoming 2009 events and how they compare to previous years’ events, and then let him explain the Pack Howl act, which is NOT going to be a band this year. If you haven’t read Special K’s blog post or listened to the show, we won’t ruin the surprise for you.

Mike Alston interviewed Megan Gulledge for this week’s Community Canvas on her artwork, after reading about Gulledge in Goodnight Raleigh.  Gulledge has an opening at First Friday at the Busy Bee. Here is an excerpt of Gulledge’s bio from her Web site: Certain experiences in life change the way you see the world.  When I was in college I traveled to Ireland with eleven other art students and two professors.  We were required to keep journals to document our experiences through writing and drawing.  One of the more interesting techniques that I learned from keeping a journal is to almost remove yourself a level, step back from what you are so immersed in for the sake of capturing it in a more effective way.  A result of that trip was a new perspective on life, an obsession for moments.
Check out some of Megan’s artwork below.

Music clips in hear This and throughout Monday’s show were from local musicians that are part of the weeklong Cherry Bounce line up. To tell us more about the festival line up and it’s progression, Rachel Sloane sat down with event organizers Billy Warden and Greg Behr. You can read more about the festival on

This week’s Wolfpacker of the Week was Zach Schnell, a junior in environmental technology and member of the Wolfpack Environmental Association. He sat down with Jacob Downey to talk about sustainability on campus.

Student Media Photographer Matt Moore went around campus and talked to students about what they think of the proposed government soda tax. The tax is intended to help pay for health care reform and combat obesity.

Listen to episode nine.