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WAR OF THE WORLDS Live Broadcast Halloween Night!

This Halloween night, the Martians are invading the airwaves and striking terror in the hearts of WKNC listeners everywhere.

This live, localized adaptation of the Mercury Theater production of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds is the brainchild of Damian Maddalena, who, as La Barba Rossa, hosts WKNC’s Saturday morning 60s and 70s program, Mystery Roach.  Maddalena, along with his Two Cabbage Radio Players, have worked diligently to season the science fiction classic with local flavor.  Sound effects will be performed by Brian Donohoe, member of the local band StarmountAV Geek Skip Elsheimer lends his voice to the production, along with a motley crew of WKNC Djs, NCSU students and community members who share Maddalena’s vision and taste for the unusual: DJs Alex Steinbaugh, Caitlin Cauley, Jacob Downey, Liz Cervantes, and Mike Gray, along with grad student Dave Fallest and Magic Babies keyboardist Brandon Whitesell.

The invasion will take place at 7 p.m. on October 31.  You can get ready for Halloween debauchery to the sounds of the Triangle’s destruction, only on 88.1 FM or streaming online.