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Still want to see The Mars Volta?

As most of our loyal listeners know, the Mars Volta show at the Disco Rodeo has been a highly coveted giveaway for the month of October. On several occasions, our deejays have feared the WKNC phone system would literally explode due to the high influx of callers. However, like a big bully tangling a nerdy kid’s lunch money over his head, many listeners have come away empty handed.

But don’t pick up the D&D dice or that Mountain Dew Code Red just yet. For the rest of the week, WKNC deejays will be giving away the last remaining pairs of the tickets to Mars Volta show on Friday October 23rd. For The Win!

Formed from the ashes of At the Drive-In, Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez formed the Mars Volta a band committed to experimenting with a hardcore and psychedelic rock sound. Now on their fifth album, Octahedron, the boys plan to shake up Raleigh before heading out on their European tour.

Listen on 88.1 or streaming online for your chances to win!