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EOT06 Football Part 1 9/28/09

There’s a lot of planning that goes into football games — an event that attracts more than 60,000 people. Athletics works in collaboration with Campus Police, Raleigh Police, Raleigh EMS among other groups to make sure games go as planned. This planning, without a doubt, includes preparations for tailgating — the gameday experience before the game. Saja Hindi interviewed VIPs Campus Police Chief Tom Younce and Capt. Jon Barnwell about some of the preparations. Restrictions to tailgating and hours have been a topic of much debate in recent history due to a shooting that occurred at a tailgate in a lot off Trinity Rd. in 2004. Alumni Tyler Dukes and Kenneth Ball talked to Saja Hindi for EOT’s VIP about how they tailgate and why it’s important to them. Both Dukes and Ball worked for Technician when the shootings happened and tailgating hours were restricted, which they talked about as well.

In Community Canvas, Mike Alston let listeners revisit an interview with Ryan Cummings, artist of the Hear Here compilation CD cover, in anticipation of Saturday night’s Hear Here finale show at the Pour House.

In Hear This, Kelly Reid gives listeners a review of Starmount’s debut album Tyranny of the Sphere, with an Oct. 27 CD release, as well as Birds of Avalon’s Uncanny Valley. She also gives listeners information about Dan Deacon’s show Oct. 1 at the Cat’s Cradle.

This week’s Wolfpacker of the Week, Katy “Red” Walls from the N.C. State Women’s Rugby team sat down with Jacob Downing to talk about her involvement with the team, obstacles she’s faced and what led her to join the team.

In Soundbytes, Caitlin Cauley interviewed students around campus about the Rally 4 Talley Campaign, a campaign to increase awareness of the University’s intent to build a new student center and new atrium on campus and encourage students to vote in favor of a fee increase in the student fee referendums Monday, to support this project.

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