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Schoolkids Records: When State Wins, YOU Win!

And this is why we love independently owned neighborhood music shops:
Schoolkids Records in Raleigh has announced a brand new program titled: “When State Wins, You Win”.  Says Schoolkids:

When an NC State team wins, you get $2 off any new or used CDs, records, or DVDs (priced $7.99 or higher) you buy the day after they win. For instance, when State sticks it to South Carolina this Thursday, walk across the street and come in on Friday and present your student ID and you’ll get $2 off any new or used CD, record, or DVD you buy priced $7.99 or higher. You can do this for multiple items, too. This isn’t just the football team; this will count for State’s basketball team (men’s or women’s), baseball team, softball team, and soccer team (men’s or women’s). So, it’s a win-win. Sweet!

Sweet indeed Schoolkids.  I will see you Friday morning.  Go Wolfpack!