DJ Highlights

Let’s get Brütal

In this world there are two things that I absolutely love. They are as follows: metal  music and video games. Tim Schafer has used his genius as a game designer to combine the two in a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

In the game, players acts as  Eddie Riggs, a roadie who is sucked into a world of metal. There are remnants of the old metal titans everywhere in the world. From hotrod exhausts sticking out of the ground, engine blocks making trees, to giant mountains of skulls. Essentially, if it was on a heavy metal cover you will find it in the game. Not only, will we have a metal environment and character, there is a great amount of cameos including the likes of Lita Ford, Lemmy Kilmeister, Rob Halford, and Ozzy Osbourne. Your character is voiced by the comedian Jack Black.  But those are all icing on the cake of metal. The true star of this game is the soundtrack that is in the game.

Featuring bands such as Rotting Christ, 3 Inches of Blood, Accept, Carcass, Dark Tranquillity, Iced Earth, Manowar, and King Diamond, as well as many others, it truly is a metal-head’s dream game. Comedy and metal make this a game that only comes around once in a while. It makes me proud to see metal getting rightful treatment and seeing true underground metal bands that not everyone has heard of, but will show more people a different kind of metal other than Metallica or Dragonforce. I can’t wait for this game to come out, and will be the first in line for the release date on Rocktober 13th.