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No Strings Attached becomes The Hotwires

Local bluegrass outfit, No Strings Attached, now has a new name The Hotwires.  The name change comes in the form of notification of several other bands with the same name, specifically one close by in Virginia.  In an open letter to their fans, the Hotwires write:

No Strings Attached, the bluegrass band based in Raleigh, NC has decided to change it’s name to The Hotwires. We were informed that there was a pre-existing group also called No Strings Attached based in Roanoke, VA (and incidentally, many very different bands worldwide bearing that name) . Their attorneys politely informed us that another band bearing the same name in close proximity to their own area was not something they could accept and rather than become involved in a protracted legal dispute over trademark, we quite simply changed our name to The Hotwires.

We feel The Hotwires is more descriptive of who we are, what we sound like and the type of bluegrass music we choose to play. We also hope that you all will continue to support us, and bluegrass music in general. This name change comes at a time in our professional development where we are playing more and becoming more and more visible, and playing more and more shows nationwide. We are nearly through recording a debut album of original material that is set for release this fall. Fall and Spring tours are being planned and we expect to see alot more of you in the near future, as you will see a lot more of us.

Thank you for your continued support, and keep bluegrass music vibrant!