My top 10 tunes for summer road trippin’

My Chevy Cavalier has truly made the rounds this summer. In the past month alone, I’ve been all over the state – to the mountains, the coast, and everywhere in between, as well as to visit friends in Virginia. You’d be surprised to hear how loud I can bump the bass in that little car. I’ve got a stack of mix CDs I’ve made to make time on the interstate pass by quickly, and of all the songs that have accompanied me on the roads, there are definitely some I will always identify as “summer 2009 road trip songs.”

Here are my top ten:

  1. Telekinesis All Of A Sudden
    This song is catchy belong belief and perfect for summer!
  2. Kings of LeonTaper Jean Girl
    This song isn’t new or anything, but there’s this “uhhh huhhh” after the opening chords that gets me every time. I could listen to this one on repeat for a whole car trip, I’m pretty sure.
  3. BombadilSad Birthday
    Bombadil created a song with a super upbeat tempo and really depressing lyrics, and the outcome was a great success.
  4. Empire of the SunWalking On A Dream
    This song is for me what MGMT’s Kids was last summer – fantastic.
  5. The Love LanguageLalita
    My steering wheel becomes my drum set every time I hear this song.
  6. Lonnie WalkerPendulum’s Chest
    Bet you thought I was going to choose Summertime…well, I almost did. Am I cheating on this top 10 to say Lonnie Walker’s entire album, “These Times Old Times” is on my summer road trippin’ list?
  7. Bowerbirds – Beneath Your Tree
    I’m sure if Bowerbirds heard my rendition of this song in the car, they’d add me to the band. (That is a total lie, but I can dare to dream!)
  8. Thao With The Get Down Stay DownSwimming Pools
    No explanation necessary; this song is summer in music form.
  9. St. VincentActor Out of Work
    This song is more up-beat than I’m used to hearing from St. Vincent, which is one of the reasons it made this list. The lyrics make me laugh, because I know several people who I would describe as “actors out of work.”
  10. The Avett BrothersDie Die Die
    This just happens to be favorite Avetts song at the moment, and a good one to sing along to on I-40!

Which songs would you add to the list? I’ve still got miles to cover before school starts, and I’ve always got room for more CDs in my car.