Concert Preview

Rockabilly BBQ

For all of those who love some honky-tonk, punk, and rockabilly, the place for you to be on Saturday, June 6th is Puckett’s in Charlotte. This is the 6th annual Rockabilly BBQ. Not only will you hear great music from local acts such as the Straight 8s, The Bo-Stevens, and The Tremors, you’ll get to enjoy some BBQ and nice cars.

The Speed Kings are putting on a car and bike show. This is your opportunity to check out some custom rides! There are a total of 10 bands playing throughout the whole event.

So if you enjoy some real down-home country or dancing to swing music, good lookin’ gals, beer or meeting people from all over the United States – this is a great opportunity for you to do that!

Check out Rockabilly BBQ’s official website or myspace for more information.