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Interview Tomorrow on Americana Blues & Co.

Tomorrow morning on Americana Blues & Co we will start the show off with an interview with Thomas Moorefield of Sleepless Nights, a tribute band for Gram Parsons.


Sleepless Nights is playing alongside local act Lynn Blakey, of Tres Chicas fame, and headlining is Joe Swank and the Zen Pirates at the Local 506 on Thursday May 28th at 9pm.  We will be doing giveaways for the show, including some merchandise and a handful of tickets, but come prepared with you Gram Parsons trivia knowledge as you might need it (hint)

In addition to pumping up this amazing concert we will talk about Sleepless Nights performing in Nashville on September 19th at the “GP3” event.  “GP3” stands for Gram Parsons Petition Party, which is an event to draw attention to the ongoing petition drive to have Gram inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.