In need of an (almost) infinite playlist

In less than a week, I will be going on a long trip. When I say long, I mean that I will be flying from Raleigh to Chicago, from there to Frankfurt, Germany and finally to Prague, Czech Republic. Needless to say, I’ll be riding in planes for multiple hours. Although I’ll be staying in Prague for about six weeks, I’m more concerned at the moment with making a monster playlist to sustain me during these ridiculously long flights than with packing clothes for the trip.

I know I’ll have the chance to finally listen to the The Decemberists’ April release, “Hazards of Love,” all the way through, which I have heard good things about. Also, I just got “Telekinesis!” by, of course, Telekinesis, which was released in April as well and seems highly upbeat at first listen.

As for the rest of my million-hour playlist, I’m not sure. If you know of any good traveling music, post it, or shoot me an email at Suggestions would be much appreciated!