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Local Beer Local Band On-Air Interviews Today!

As a precursor to what will be an awesome version of Local Beer Local Band tonight (Thursday, 5/7), we will be interviewing both Embarrassing Fruits and Prabir and the Substitutes today!

Embarrassing Fruits will be on air around 1:00 for a phone interview with the infamous Mikey P (our Local Beer, Local Band Coordinator) .


Then, during the 5 o’clock Shadow (not coincidentally, at 5:00 PM), DJs Spaceman Spiff and May Day will be interivewing Prabir and the Substitutes in studio.  As per usual, the FREE show will get started at Tir Na Nog around 10:00 tonight!  These you don’t wanna miss.

Prabir and the Substitutes, c/o the band’s Flickr page (