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Editing the Revolution

We at WKNC have a lot to say.

If you get one of our DJs talking about music, be sure you have a lot of time on your hands – it will most likely be a long conversation.

But our listeners probably wouldn’t appreciate lengthy discussions of this type on the air, because that’s not what the station is for. You don’t tune in for talking, you tune in for music.

That’s the beauty of the WKNC Blog. Our DJs have an outlet to fill you in on everything to do with all of our formats – Daytime Rock, Local Music, Underground Hip-Hop, Chainsaw Rock  and specialty shows, along with extras such as multimedia and promotions.

This blog is a relatively new project, and I, Emcee Luck, am serving as its first editor. I’m constantly on the hunt for new ideas for blog posts, and that’s where you, the readers come in.

What do you want to see on our blog? More posts like The 88 Hottest Women in Indie Rock? More reviews of local shows and music festivals?

Send me your suggestions for blog content at