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Kings of Leon & The Walkmen Ticket Giveaways

The Promotions Team here with another chance to win Kings of Leon & The Walkmentickets. Both bands are making an appearance at the Booth Amphitheatre in Cary on April 28th. WKNC has been approved for 10 pairs of tickets and we’re going to give them away up until Friday April 24th.  Stay tuned all week for your chance to win.

Naming their band after their father, Leon, a Pentecostal preacher who instilled the fear of God in parishioners across the heartland, the Kings of Leon began to embrace music after a devastating divorce that split their family. The boys honed their Southern roots towards a more gritty, garage and secular sound, a style that is considered taboo to their religious upbringings. In late 2006, just before release of Kings’ third album, Because of the Times, the band opened for Bob Dylan and gained them international popularity.