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Local Beat recap 3/20/09

Despite a a mere (baseball-induced) hour-long version of the Local Beat this week, we had an excellent show.  I was joined by Chas, Dan, and Dopko of Raleigh band Gray Young to talk about everything from their show that night at Sadlack’s to where the band’s name came from (a question to which we did not receive an answer).

We also discussed the release of the band’s first album, Firmament, and where they plan to go from here.  These are tremendously nice guys with a very bright future, and they have basically gotten better every time I’ve seen them live.  There should be more on their show at Sadlack’s (including Dancing Tony documentation!) soon from Gray Matter.

You can check out the full interview, in 4 segments, below.  And if you missed the Sadlack’s show, be sure to check them out at the Local 506 on April 13, alongside the Appleseed Cast and An Horse.  And join us next week, as we’ll be hanging out with A Rooster for the Masses.

Gray Young 3/20 interview