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Special Edition of “State of State” Monday 3/23

Some things never change—namely, the perennial littering of propaganda and promises of “change” that inundate campus when Student Government elections roll around.  This year, however, Student Media will be providing the opportunity for students and community members to hear the candidates state their claim one last time, a few hours before polls open here.

Courtesy of John Coggin, organizer of the event:

“This debate will be the first of its kind, bringing all the candidates for the campus-wide offices together to discuss their ideas in a forum open to all students at NC State.  The debate will also be broadcast live on WOLF-TV, WKNC, and streaming on the Internet for those students who cannot make it to the Campus Cinema.  This will be the first and last time many students get to see more of you than your signs (!), so we highly encourage everyone to participate.

Candidates for the following offices are invited to participate in the debate:

Student Body President

Student Senate President

Student Body Treasurer

Student Chief Justice

Student Centers President

-UAB President

Candidates for all other offices are warmly invited to attend, and we will recognize all present candidates during the event.”

Currently, all eyes are on the candidates for Student Body President:

-Amber Joyner

-Anup Engineer

-Adam Cloninger

-Andrew Swanson

-Jim Ceresnak

-Kornelius Bascombe

State of State will be doing its part by airing the entire debate live.  So be sure to tune in on Monday night from 6-8 at 88.1 FM or online at to hear what next year’s student leaders have to say for themselves.