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The Never’s “Antarctica”

If you dig good music, good performance, good art, or if you have a pulse, you’d do well to check out WKNC’s Local Lunch Wednesday, 2/25, through Friday, 2/27.   Right at the top of the 12:00 hour on each day, we’re airing each piece of a three-part serial of vocal enactment on top of The Never’s masterful album “Antarctica."  This is merely a precursor to the event of interest, a theatrical performance of the concept album, released in 2006.

From the band’s website:

The Never has been touring for the last 3 years promoting “Antarctica, A Storybook Record,” a concept album and fully illustrated 50-page storybook. They are currently working to finish their new record to be released on Trekky Records in March, 2009. This event will be a culmination of both works.  The Never is dedicated to the betterment of  community through arts and music and has performed at schools/universities, libraries, theaters, and outdoor festivals over the last few years in order to achieve that.

Missed today’s part 1?  You’re in luck: the performance will be aired in its entirety on the Local Beat Friday, which usually runs from 5:00-8:00.  We will be preceded by NC State baseball, though, so tune in a little before 6:00 to catch the complete piece.

Where can you learn more, you ask?  Head over to the Never’s website for more information.  And, of course, keep it locked on the Local Lunch and the Local Beat.