DJ Highlights

SciFi, Fantasy, and Horror Soundtracks on Mystery Roach

This week’s show is going to be a great one! With the help of Jacob, another DJ at the station, the show will focus on the music of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror soundtracks from the 60s and 70s.

Jacob and I will be playing music and discussing the films. If you’d like us to look into a particular movie, please post a comment below. It’s not too late to get on the playlist!!

Some topics include Zardoz, a 1974 film whose bleak depiction of our future includes Sean Connery  and organized human breeding. The Green Slime , a 1968 effort about the negative side of space exploration with a groovy main theme.  Steve McQueen’s battles with a pulsing, man-eating, ever-growing ball of Jell-O in The Blob.  We’ll play compositions by Bernard Herrmann, who has composed for such films as Psycho, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Fahrenheitit 451, several Ray Harryhausen films, and Taxi Driver.  And Godzilla, a giant lizard who needs little elaboration.

These are only a few of the movies.  Tune in this Saturday, February 21st from 8-10 am, and enjoy the show.


-La Barba Rossa