DJ Highlights

NEW WKNC Shedule is Up

Happy New Year to all.  As is necessary every semester here at NC State, WKNC must alter its schedule to fit the available times of all of our volunteers and DJs.

This spring semester is exciting in that we have established a new Weekend Program, the Post Rock Block.  Every Sunday from 6-8pm you can hear your favorite 35 minute long, noise filled, post rock tunes, hosted by DJs Gray Matter, Bridges, Cabbage, Matticus Rex and May Day.

Also, our weekly sports show, Call of The Wolf, has been changed from Thursday evenings to Tuesday evenings from 7-8pm, and is now hosted by a couple new members.

Local Lunch introduces one new DJ, DJ Ray on Tuesdays, and welcomes back DJ Caid on Mondays.  DJ Cabbage has switched to Wednesday, Murdoc to Thursdays, and Chelsey stays put for her normal Friday show.

Chainsaw has also moved up 2 hours to Thursday night starting at 10pm.  This change may not be permanent, but we are happy to give our dedicated Chainsaw listeners some extra time to get their rock on.

For more shows and times visit our Schedule Page.