WKNC Logo Tees

WKNC logo T-shirts are available in a variety of colors and sizes, as listed below. This list is updated as each order is fulfilled and if a color is not listed it is not available in that size. You may request a specific color and backup color(s), but we can make no guarantee about what color you will receive. See the image below for color swatches.

  • Small: ash grey, azalea, berry (x2), brown savannah (x2), charcoal, coral silk, daisy (x2), dark heather, electric green (x2), gravel, Irish green, Texas orange, topical blue, yellow haze (x2)
  • Medium: daisy (x2), dark chocolate, gold (x2), heather military, heather navy, ice grey, military green, natural (x2), orange, purple, royal, safety orange, sand, yellow haze
  • Large: coral silk, cornsilk, gold, graphite heather, heliconia, light pink, lime, mint green
  • XL: cornsilk, heather red, heliconia, orange, safety yellow, Tennessee orange (x3), yellow haze
  • 2XL: black (x5), blackberry, coral silk, sport grey, yellow haze
  • 3XL: black (x3)
  • 4XL: black (x4)
69 possible available colors from Gildan, except for Carolina Blue. Go Pack!