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I am DJ Vice and I look forward to melting your faces with awesome music on Mondays from 5-7PM with my co-host DJ La Croix. I am a graphic design student about to finish my last year of schoolin' here at NCSU. I have been DJing at KNC since January of 2010 and I was the station's graphic designer from August 2009 - May 2011. Needless to say, I love WKNC!


This is a picture of Spaceman Spiff (left), J-town (middle), and me, DJ Vice (right). We have been DJing together for the
last three semesters. Spaceman is studying abroad in Prague and J-town has up and moved to Swtizerland.
Like many of the DJs and staff here at KNC, I have a wide range of music tastes. My favorite musician of all time is Paul Simon. After Sir Simon, I've recently been turned onto: Yeasayer, Starfucker, Future Islands, Ben Folds, Beach House, Annuals, Dinosaur Feathers, LCD Soundsystem, Passion Pit, Andrew Bird, Dr. Dog, Conor Oberst, The Avett Brothers, Of Montreal, and SO MUCH MORE!

I am excited to be with you all this semester jamming out with DJ La Croix. He and I have been friends for a few years now and we hope to bring some great chemistry without being too damn chatty. 


DJ La Croix and I beasting this mountain up in Boone, NC 

Me pointing at one of the first posters I designed at KNC that was hung up outside of Tir Na Nog

We are always open to suggestions on what fresh music you want to hear us play so feel free to call us while on the air, Mondays 5-7PM.

Thanks again for listening to WKNC!