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Playlist for
Friday, August 1, 2014

2:29 amDance to the Song of ApathyAnata
2:27 amA Gathering Of GhoulsGWAR
2:23 amScreaming EaglesSabaton
2:18 amAdapt Or DieForbidden
2:13 amKill For My MasterDrawn and Quartered
2:10 amMurder ReignsMalevolent Creation
2:07 amXXXO (Riton Rerub)M.I.A.
2:04 am911 (Emergency Slaughter)Haemorrhage
1:59 amKill The LiarsHail!Hornet
1:53 amHammer StrikesParty Time
1:47 amFuneral DawnMarduk
1:43 amKamikazeHail Of Bullets
1:38 amSeraphs and SilenceAkercocke
1:34 amDeath DealerThe Gates of Slumber
1:30 amAntiKristDimmu Borgir
1:23 amTemptation/The HypocrisyFleshgod Apocalypse
1:17 amDragging My CasketForbidden
1:13 amAntiheroGod Forbid
1:09 amThe New GodsGorefest
1:04 amCrystal MoonlightRhapsody of Fire
1:02 amCreeping FleshFacebreaker
1:00 amTraumaggedonHaemorrhage
12:56 amEthos Of CoercionDying Fetus
12:50 amVulturesArch Enemy
12:42 amSingularEnslaved
12:38 amSleepwalkerParkway Drive
12:33 amBrothersGamma Ray
12:28 amExcaliburGravei Digger
12:23 amCataclysm ChildrenDimmu Borgir
12:13 amLiberty Crawls Side BDeviated Instinct
12:11 amGorehog (Broken Hope)Dying Fetus
12:06 amThe ViolationFleshgod Apocalypse



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