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ALBUM REVIEW: Wolf Parade – Thin Mind

ALBUM REVIEW: Wolf Parade – Thin Mind

BEST TRACKS: Wandering Son, The Static Age, Against the Day

FCC Violations: Julia Take Your Man Home

               Thin Minds, released earlier this month, is Wolf Parade’s sixth album. You might have heard of Wolf Parade in the context of their genre-shattering 2005 album Apologies to the Queen Mary, which paved the way for many more odd, jittery indie rock bands to come such as King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, and King Crimson. After taking slightly different paths with their later albums over the years, Wolf Parade again embraces their roots with Thin Mind, an album that evokes the same feelings and energy as their debut album Apologies to the Queen Mary. Original fans of Wolf Parade will be relieved to know that the band has returned to their early style. Wolf Parade took the sound of Apologies to the Queen Mary and refined and finely aged it to produce yet another stunning rock album.

               Songs on this album feature unique melodies slightly twinged with electronic style, but surely grounded in pure rock. The shining feature of this album is definitely its tendency for catchy, melodic riffs. Flourishing keyboard work by Spencer Krug keeps the energy surging from song to song as Dan Boeckner’s guitar work holds you captive with it’s immense grit. Some of the charm of this album is due to the subtle 80’s pop-synth influence and Krug’s frazzled vocal style.

               Even though it was released in the peak of winter, Thin Mind is a very summery-sounding album to me. It reminds me of swimming in the lake, climbing pine trees, and going camping, possibly because of the nostalgic, coming-of-age energy this music exudes. This album will make you want to set your inner child free, to leap and bound over the hills. Themes on this album are very inspirational. The very first track, Under Glass, is about freeing yourself by embracing uncertainty.

If you’re a fan of Arcade Fire circa 2004, then this punchy album is sure to win your heart.

-Safia Rizwan

Festival Coverage

Hopscotch Night One

Wye Oak Starting Hopscotch off right

Wolf Parade

Wing Dam doing a jig

Pie Face Girls

Junglepussy making the crowd go wild

The Snails; one snail snrowdsurfing (snail crowdsurfing)

Music News and Interviews

DJ Ones Five Music Facts from the past week

1. Arcade Fire have been nominated for a Grammy for Album of the Year with their latest release “The Suburbs.” In response to the nomination member Win Butler stated, “We are very proud of the record we made and feel incredibly blessed that so many people have gotten it! For those of you who don’t understand how gambling works, if something is 100 to 1 odds and you put down 10 dollars, you win 1000 dollars… I’m just saying.” (via Stereogum)

2. Actor Michael Cera is now playing in the new Sub Pop band Mister Heavenly. The actor, known for his roles in Juno and Arrested Development is now the bass player for Mister Heavenly. However, this does not make him an official member of the band as indicated by a Sub Pop representative who said, “As of right now he is not an official member, just playing with the guys on this tour.” (via NME)

3. The Joy Formidable have given information about their debut full length. The album titled “The Big Roar” is due to be released in the UK on Jan. 24 and in the US a couple of months later on March 15. (via NME)

4. Bright Eyes is set to return with a new album titled “The People’s Key” on Feb. 15. This will be the band’s first since their 2007 release “Cassagada.” (via Pitchfork)

5. Wolf Parade are to go on indefinite hiatus. In a statement by singer Spencer Krug during their recent show in Toronto he announced, “This is the last show we’ll play for a long time.” The band has since said they will play just a few shows in 2011. (via Spinner)

Concert Review

A Parade of Wolves at Lincoln Theatre

Canadian indie rockers, Wolf Parade, made their way to Lincoln Theatre on Saturday night and deejays N!cole and Special K were there to cover the event. Upon arriving, we were greeted by the power chords of the opener band, Ogre You Asshole. Admittedly neither of us had heard of them before, and I personally was a bit confused by their garbled lyrics. As we made our way through the sea of people, it became apparent that these guys were not from around here. Unlike the headliner, Ogre You Asshole wasn’t even from this continent! Hailing from Nagano, Japan, the band members were over 6,500 miles away from home and on tour with Wolf Parade. Overall, they had the crowd swaying despite the fact most of the audience couldn’t understand the vocals.

After what seemed like a long time for setup, Wolf Parade finally made their way on stage. They opened with DJ N!cole’s favorite song, “You Are A Runner and I Am My Father’s Son” and continued their set with a mix of old songs and new songs off their latest album Expo 86 which released this past June. I personally thought there was a rise of energy in the crowd when they began to play “I’ll Believe In Anything” which continued on into a demanding encore later at the end of the show. Wolf Parade ended the night with “Modern World” and “Kissing the Beehive.”

The Final Recap: As best summarized by DJ N!cole, “It was a really good show.” Overall, there was quite a bit of drunkenness among the crowd at Lincoln and Wolf Parade looked like they were having a good time too. I also continued to hear a rumor about a girl throwing up all over the floor throughout the night.  However by the end of the show, the vocals and music had been crisp, the audience looked satisfied, our shoes were clean, and there was a pleasant ringing in my ears as we walked to the parking deck. Another successful night of music in Raleigh.

Music News and Interviews

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11/6: Wolf Parade at Lincoln Theatre

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11/7: Robert Earl Keen at Lincoln Theatre

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