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Rebroadcast of 2009 Performance of War of the Worlds

On Halloween night, 8-9 p.m., WKNC will rebroadcast our adaptation of the Mercury Theatre production of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds.  This performance was originally done live on the air Halloween night in 2009.

Damian Maddalena (aka: La Barba Rossa), host of WKNC’s Saturday morning 60s and 70s program, Mystery Roach, formed the Two Cabbage Radio Players in 2009 in order to present this science fiction classic.  The Two Cabbage radio players adapted the original script, adding local flavor and some modern updates.

The Two Cabbage Radio players are made up of former and current WKNC staff, as well as members of the local community.  Along with Damian Maddalena are WKNC staff members Alex Steinbaugh, Caitlin Cauley, Jacob Downey, Liz Cervantes, and Mike Gray, physics graduate student Dave Fallest, Magic Babies keyboardist Brandon Whitesell, AV Geek Skip Elsheimer, and Foley sounds by local musician Brian Donohoe.

The re-invasion will air at 8 p.m. on Oct. 31. Celebrate Halloween with the sounds of the Triangle’s destruction, only on 88.1 FM or streaming online.

Click here to visit the Facebook event page.

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War of the Worlds: Tweet about the Alien Invasion!

As you may know by now, WKNC will be broadcasting a LIVE, localized version of Orsen Welles’ classic radio drama War of the Worlds.  The event will take place Halloween night from 7:00 to 8:00 pm.

Want to take part in the invasion?  Tweet about it! Update your Facebook status!

During the broadcast, the news about the aliens will become more and more severe.  You can do the same with your Tweets.  Be creative.  Tell your friends you’re freaked.  Tell your friends you’re being chased by aliens.  Describe where you’re hiding or what you see.  Help us destroy the Triangle for Halloween!  If you are listening on the Internet somewhere outside the Triangle, that’s great too!  The aliens are landing everywhere!  We’re all doomed!!

Disclaimer: “Help us destroy the Triangle” means, help us pretend to destroy Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and beyond using the radio the Internet, and your imagination.  Please don’t do anything stupid and get arrested.  That would be silly.  (And all liability would fall on you, dig?)

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EOT10 Yearbooks 10/26/09

Student Media leaders are working on several projects that you don’t want to miss out on, so this week, the Eye on the Triangle team interviewed the leaders spearheading some of these projects to give you a look at what’s ahead.

Derek Medlin and John Cooper Elias talked briefly about the football team, the basketball team and more in Wolfpack sports.

In this week’s VIP, we talked to former Agromeck Editor John Cooper Elias (who also leads yearbook workshops) and current Agromeck Editor Bryant Robbins about why yearbook sales are facing a downward trend and what makes yearbooks still important in this information age. Two articles were cited in the interview about national yearbook trends, one from The Economist and one from The New York Times.

To bring the issue back to home, Matt Moore went around campus and asked students if they saw the important of the yearbook, which you can listen to in the segment.

We also discussed briefly the declining trend in all print media publications, the topic of Tuesday’s “Focused” section of Technician, titled “Is print dying?”

For more on the Agromeck, you can add Agromeck Man on or follow @Agromeck on, and you can also follow Technician @ncsutechnician.


This week’s Community Canvas was extended to give listeners a behind-the-scenes look of WKNC’s Halloween broadcast from 7 – 8 p.m., an adaptation of War of the Worlds. Damian Maddalena, who will join the rest of the newly formed radio acting troupe, The Two Cabbage Radio Players, for a performance of “War Of The Worlds.“

From Technician: "Based off of H.G. Wells’ novel, the radio play imagines an alien invasion taking over New York, interrupting a broadcast in the process. Damian Maddelena, graduate student in forestry and environmental resources, first had the idea to produce the show about a year ago. He saw a live broadcast that a Los Angeles traveling troupe performed on campus, and it triggered the idea.” Check out Thursday’s Arts & Entertainment section of Technician for the full story.


This week, I sat down with our student of the week, Andrew Tucker. Tucker, a senior in political science, talked about his new hobby, mixed martial arts and the training he now goes through daily for his fights. He also discussed his involvement with the re-established fraternity on campus, Kappa Alpha, after a five-year hiatus.

This week’s Soundbytes asked students what their favorite part of the N.C. State Fair 2009 was. As expected, most answers surrounded fried foods.

Be sure to listen to next week’s show – VIP will focus on non-profit organizations, and we’ll also be giving you an update on former chancellor James Oblinger’s hiring situation.

Listen to episode 10.