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PackHowler Opener Competition!


Attention NC State students: Our friends over at UAB are hosting a competition to open for Tori Kelly, our homecoming concert on October 29th!! This massive opportunity to open for a 2015 VMA performer will only be afforded to one artist/band. Here’s the structure of the competition: 

Video submission: Contestants will have to submit a video of them performing/rehearsing/playing music through a Google form that will also have additional questions/regulations. Deadline will be October 5.
UAB YouTube: Video will then be posted to UAB’s YouTube page and various social media platforms.
Voting: After the deadline, voting will open through our own voting system through UAB’s website.
Selection: The top 3 most voted videos will have the opportunity to perform in front of Campout’s attendees. 2 wildcards will be selected by UAB’s Leisure & Recreation committee.
Performance at Campout: The 5 contestants will perform at Campout, a major UAB event, winner will be decided by a panel of judges and a live Twitter poll on-site.
PackHowl: The winner will perform at PackHowl Homecoming Concert as the opener for Tori Kelly.

If you’re interested, be sure to check out the rules and regulations for the competition here. Good luck!

Non-Music News

EOT115 Gun Control 2/12/13

Interview with Lauren Collier, president of UAB about the controversial Dirty Bingo event.

Interview with Paul Valone, president of Grassroots North Carolina, a pro second amendment organization.

Interview with Jeovannah Hunter, Nubian Message columnist advocating for tighter gun control.

Listen to episode 115.


Non-Music News

EOT96 UAB/IRC 7/31/12

For our first report this week, Jake brings us a bit of information on the brand new university organization, the Division of Academic and Student Affairs.

The IRC plays an important role here on campus, facilitating cooperation in between the different residencies. Deondre’ Jones went in search of what the ICR has planned for the upcoming school year.

If you’ve ever seen the movies at the cinema in Witherspoon, or any of the concerts they put on throughout the year, then you are familiar with the Union Activities Board. Andrew was curious about what kind of activities they’re lining up for this year.

If you are currently out of work and you live in the Raleigh-Durham area, you are in luck. Kepplinger magazine recently named Durham as the second best city in the country to find a job.

The dark knight rises opened not long ago, to critical success. But with it came a tragedy still be felt across the country. Jake thought it would be nice to visit a time when Batman wasn’t quite so dark.

Listen to episode 96.