New Album Review

Justin’s Favorite Album of 2017

Colin Stetson’s All This I Do For Glory


Odd, chilling, and trance-like, this album gives additional height to the distinguished instrumentalist Colin Stetson. I like this album because its theme is clear, yet riddled with questions. Each track has a looped melody, but the listener gets to hear all of the intricacies and imperfections of a wind player in what would normally be pre-programmed. The heavily distorted, slow sounds of the baritone saxophone are integrated with melodic jumps, making the slightest change hardly noticeable.

Stetson tries to answer where the saxophone belongs in the age of electronic music. The saxophone, for the most part, has struggled to coexist with the synthesizer, electric guitar, and keyboard, and has yet to find a solidified part amongst the biggest players. Though electronic ensembles such as Syrinx, GRiZ, and Moon Hooch have made their contributions to incorporating the saxophone into electronic music, Colin Stetson seems to bridge the sonic barrier between the fundamental differences between the synthesizer and the saxophone. With his creative use of extended technique, he transforms his sound into something that could be played alongside the computer musicians of today.

DJ Highlights

Goldi’s Best Music of 2017 Thus Far

Now that half the year is over people are looking forward to the end of it. But, as important it is to look forward, it’s also important to reflect. So with that idea in mind here are (in my opinion) the best albums of 2017 thus far…

1. Ctrl by SZA

2. PEAK by Choker

3. Saturation by BROCKHAMPTON

4. Process by Sampha

5. Drunk by Thundercat

6. Faye Webster  by Faye Webster

7. This Old Dog by Mac DeMarco

8. Ecosystem by Courtney John 

9. DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar

10. Steve Lacy’s Demo EP – Steve Lacy

Honorable Mentions:

  • Crawl Space by Tei Shi 
  • Big Fish Theory by Vince Staples
  • Yours Conditionally by Tennis
DJ Highlights Local Music

Double Duchess’s TOP HITS OF 2017 SO FAR!!!!

We’re halfway through 2017 and so far the newest music has been tasty, and that’s coming from someone who almost exclusively listens to old The Front Bottoms albums on repeat day in and day out. Check out this sick list of all of my favorite music from 2017 thus far.

Machinist // Japanese Breakfast

I’ve only recently begun listening to Japanese Breakfast, however the electro-pop hit, Machinist is sure to satisfy any summer playlist. Check her out on Spotify!

The Glow // Sylvan Esso

One of my top favorite local artists, Sylvan Esso, just released a fun music video for The Glow featuring admittedly cringe-worthy imagery of a “typical night” in Brooklyn. Maybe I’m just hypocritical because I’ve never had that much fun sputting around town. However, seeing them perform it live this year was crazy good.

Ur Movin // Astro Cowboy

If you caught me at this year’s DBB, you would have seen me crying my eyes out to Astro Cowboy’s last set… ever. They played Ur Movin and many of us indie kids cradled each other as we celebrated the end of an era. Ur Movin is a goodbye song for the band, and a perfect way to wrap up the life of the band.

High School Angel // Ryan Sanchez-Webb

Never have I thought a song was written about ME before but maybe I’m just crazy and also a Leo who thinks everything is about herself. Anyway, Ryan brings to the table a sweet track about young love and spontaneous beach trips. This is the first upbeat and happy song the artist has ever performed, and I’m a HUGE fan. Check him out at

Get Numb // The Front Bottoms

*Cracks Knuckles* So I had to put down the newest single from my fav band ever. TBH I haven’t listened to it a whole lot since it was only released for a short time on bandcamp, and I was stupid and didn’t grab it when I could. However I think it pays more homage to the older albums where the whiny voice of Brian pulls on my heart strings and it feels less polished, which is what I love about their older music. The song speaks about immigration and was born out of the band’s frustrations surrounding immigration reform, speaking of taking drugs in the past to get numb, but now’s not the time for that, rather it’s time to take action. All proceeds for the song and shirts they made went to Make The Road New Jersey, a community-based org aiming to “build the power of immigrant and working class communities in New Jersey to achieve dignity and justice through community organizing, legal and support services, transformative education and policy innovation.”


-Double Duchess xoxo