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Hopscotch Lineup to be Released 4.20

Hopscotch, the Independent Weekly’s annual music festival in downtown Raleigh will be releasing the lineup for their September 3-day festival on Wednesday, April 20th. Greg Lowenhagen of Independent Weekly will be on-air with our very own Chuck from 11-noon to talk about the show and this year’s line up.

Last year hosted names like Panda Bear, Public Enemy, The Rosebuds,  Sharon Van Etten, Megafaun, Best Coast and more than 100 other bands.  This year is sure to be even better; full of national acts as well as great local talent.  Tune in to find out who!

Tickets will go on sale as the lineup is released on April 20th. Free 3-day wristbands were given out at local record stores for Record Store Day April 16. Stay tuned to WKNC and keep reading Independent Weekly to find out ways you can win tickets.

For more musical fun, Hopscotch is hosting a few free local shows throughout Raleigh on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (4/21-4/23) in celebration of their lineup release!

Concert Preview Local Music

Local Beer Local Band, March 10

This Thursday,New Raleigh, WKNC, and Tir Na nOg form into the trinity of awesomeness to bring you The Loners, The Huguenots, and Special Guests.

I have never NEVER been disappointed by a Loners show. Rock Duo. Plain and simple. "The Loners have a unique history in the Raleigh music scene.  They can be considered the diamond in the rough (the rough being the closing of Kings Barcade in downtown Raleigh in the spring of 2007).  After reuniting to play the last show at Kings, the band decided to stay together because of the outpouring of support they receive from the show. “ – B Berry of WKNC

The Huguenots are "invitingly familiar, as warm and fuzzy as your favorite sweater or treasured vinyl crackling underneath a needle’s touch. Part of that familiarity comes from the band’s thirst for short, accessible, guitar-driven gems—the 3.5-minute pop song, naturally. The band’s quick bursts of energy give it plenty of charm. They’ve got tightly coiled energy to offer, too: A little like big city bands The Strokes and The Libertines, The Huguenots’ spring-loaded riffs and artful come-ons translate into well-played, sonic sloppiness that turns those pop sing-alongs into would-be riots.” —Kathy Justice of Independent Weekly

Also at the pub this Thursday is the brewer series. Held every Thursday, the Tir Na nOg Brewer Series features great  North Carolina craft beer, authentic music from the Triangle, and highlights other local businesses that makes Raleigh unique!

This month we’ve got Aviator Brewing Company to join us, along with Crumb Bakeryy, and there will be shirts from Apheele Creations.   Aviator will be releasing their Belgium Saison.  YUM.

WKNC and Tir Na nOg are happy to bring you this FREE, 21 and up event.  Meet the brewers at 9 p.m.  Music starts at 10 p.m.  Grab yourself a tasty local brew (they’re on special!) and enjoy some local live music.

Concert Preview Local Music

End your first week of the Semester right! January 13 LBLB

This week at Tir Na nOg we have two darling bands to delight us. WKNC is proud to present The Revolutionary Sweethearts of Raleigh and Crystal Bright & the Silver Hand of Greensboro. The show is FREE, 21 and up, and starts at 10 p.m.

The Revolutionary Sweethearts

I’ve seen this band twice… once on Thanksgiving with Felix the Drum Machine and again with The Loners. I must say I fell in love with these two the first time I heard them. The band “draws inspiration from indie-rock projects like Fugazi to singer-songwriters such as Neko Case. Filled with catchy melodies and curious harmonies, the music is simple yet dynamic… The Revolutionary Sweethearts continue to write and play music, and eagerly look forward to recording their first album in the upcoming year.” (quote found on their Myspace page)

I will have the Revolutionary Sweethearts at the station on Thursday at 7 p.m. so be sure to tune in!  They promise some live music!

Crystal Bright & the Silver Hands

“Crystal Bright & the Silver Hands have a maddeningly eclectic sound. This band is truly difficult to put a label on. Depending on the song being played, one could describe them using a variety of descriptions ranging from circus nightmare theme to Spanish traditional song to experimental noise. The band is composed of Crystal Bright playing accordion, keyboard, saw, and whatever other little toy she decides to pick up (There’s one instrument that looks like a big hamburger that she hits with mallets.), Pete Lewis on the drums, Charles Kurtz on upright bass, and Diego Diaz on guitar, toothbrush, and electric lapsteel. Definitely a hell of a wall of sound. Crystal Bright is an amazing multi-instrumentalist Badass with the voice of a damn banshee.” -Taylor Bays (before his badass joined the band)

DJ Highlights Local Music

Local Beat preview 8/6/10


At 5 p.m., Gray Young is coming by for an hour to talk. The band has several shows coming up this month, including one tonight at the Berkley Cafe with the Loners, Goner, and Asheville band Knives and Daggers, and one tomorrow at the TTWD Fest where they are playing at 4 p.m.

Rat Jackson has an album release party for their new release Midnight Get Right with Aminal and Red Collar at the Broad Street Cafe on August 7. The new album is reminiscent of Rat Jackson’s live show, which is energetic, straight-up rock n’ roll, and I have a feeling the second hour of the program is going to be just that.

At 7 p.m., there will be a pre-recorded interview with  Graveyard Fields. Frontman for the Carrboro band, Brian Risk, came in last week with Pete and Andrea Connolly (of Birds & Arrows) who are also in the group.  We talked about the creation of the band and their debut EP Saturn’s Moon, which has been out for a couple of months. Two of the members of the group, Carol and Jon, are expecting their first baby at any moment right now, which made for some interesting conversation.

As always feel free to follow the Local Beat on Twitter, Facebook, or ReverbNation.  If you can’t tune into the show tonight, then stay tuned on the WKNC blog for our weekly recap of the evening.

Music News and Interviews

This Week’s Delish Giveaways

This week on WKNC, we will be giving away a plethora of delightful goodies! In addition to the 2010 Honda Civic Tour with Paramore on July 23, you could win tickets for these shows:

On July 20, we have tickets to Old Habits and The Preservation at The Pour House.

SOJA press photo

On July 22, we have tickets to  SOJA (Soldiers of Jah Army) at The Lincoln Theatre.

DJ Elly May previews the July 23 performance of the Shen Wei Dance troupe at the Durham Performing Arts Center.

Red Clay RamblersRed Clay Ramblers press photo

On July 24, we have tickets to the Red Clay Ramblers at The North Carolina Museum of Art.

On July 25, we have tickets to Spencefest, featuring The T’s, Richard Bacchus and The Loners at Slim’s.

Finally, lucky listeners will have a chance to see the movie Inception at Crossroads 20 Regal Cinema in Cary. Call us up at 860-0881 or 515-2400!

Music News and Interviews

Great giveaways at WKNC

Listen in for your chances to win some great tickets this week at WKNC! You can tune in or stream live to win. Here are the great shows that WKNC is giving away tickets to that are happening this week:

Thursday, March 25:

Colossus w/ Black Skies & Lo-Pan @ The Pour House

for fans of Metal/Rock/Crunk/Psychedelic

Friday, March 26:

The Dirty Little Heaters w/ The Loners, The Moaners & The Big Death Scene @ The Pour House
*CD Release Party*

for fans of Rock/Psychedelic/Garage/Experimental/Folk 

You can always check out all the local shows happening in your area by visiting WKNC’s Rock Report.

Concert Preview Local Music

Local Beer Local Band 3/4

This week is again another killer line up at WKNC and Tir Na Nog’s Local Beer Local Band night. If you have yet to attend one of these events,  Thursday, March 4 would be a good start. This week’s line up is The Royal Knights, Demon Beat, and The Loners.

The show will be free show as always! This is a great start to an awesome weekend of local music. Hope you make it out!

Concert Preview Local Music

March’s Local Beer Local Band schedule

If you have been rubbing your hands together in eager anticipation of March’s Local Beer Local Band schedule, you can stop. WKNC and Tir Na Nog have pulled together quite a line up.

March 4 – The Loners, The Demon Beat and The Royal Nites

March 11 – I Was Totally Destroying It, Grey Gray Young and today the moon, tomorrow the sun

March 18 – Sunfold (CD release show) and Mount Weather

March 25 – Let Feedback Ring Festival with Free Electric State, The Bronzed Chorus and Veelee

DJ Highlights

Local Beat preview 4/3/09

On a baseball-shortened (6pm – 8pm) Local Beat tomorrow (Friday the 3rd), we will be having Scott Phillips from Goner and Chris Jones from the Loners.

Goner and the Loners represent two of four bands that will be rocking Tir Na Nog Saturday night for the Brian Walsby Comic / Melvins CD Release party.

We’ll be talking about the release party and local music in general.  If you have any questions to ask the bands, shoot them to me or call in during the show at 919-515-2400 or 919-860-0881.

See you out on the airwaves!

Music News and Interviews

The Great 8

The long-time music critic for The News & Observer, David Menconi, has released the 2009 version of the “The Great 8”.  The Great 8 is an annual list of local music talent that shines above the rest.  This year’s list is wonderfully diverse, with acts from the classic indie format to the old-school 90s punk scene to screamo to hip-hop, and he even threw in a video game music guru (because everyone needs kick ass music to listen to when taking down Bowser).  Not to toot the “WKNC is better than your mother” horn or anything, but 2 of the 8 artists featured this year where apart of 88.1’s Double Barrel Benefit 6 line-up from this past weekend!  If you missed DBB6, you still have a chance to catch some of these bands at a special “Great 8 Showcase” concert at the Local 506 on February 13th, 2009 including 4 of the 8 bands featured (HNMTF, Lonnie Walker, Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies, and Double Negative). Here is the full list:

Jason Graves, Raleigh

There are people who do absolutely no work and get all the credit.  Jason Graves does not fall into that category, in fact, he is quite the opposite.  As a video game track composer, Graves says that it does not phase him that his work is simply the background sounds to a usually much more complicated and interesting video game (unless we are playing PaRappa The Rapper, arguably the worst video game of all time).  Graves says that his contributions add to the overall entertainment value of the product, and that can evoke a lot of pride.  Graves also says he tries to tell a story in the lyric-less music he creates and I must say, some of his stuff evokes very strong emotions for being merely background music.  My personal favorites are his Star Trek compositions…THEY ARE EPIC!

Lonnie Walker, Greenville/Raleigh

Being a Double Barrel Benefit 6 performer, naturally, Lonnie Walker kicks ass.  This down-home feeling rock/Americana band signed to Raleigh based Terpsikhore Records has been compared to artists from Bob Dylan to Modest Mouse.

Double Negative, Raleigh

This old-school, hard-hitting, punk rock compilation sounds like, in terms our friend Jason Graves would understand, a band pulled directly off the soundtrack of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.  Yes, I mean the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater from the Playstation/Nintendo 64 era.  If that description is not your bag of chips, maybe you will just have to listen.

Violet Vector And The Lovely Lovelies, Chapel Hill

The second of the Double Barrel Benefit 6 bands on the list.  Pop on steroids with a whipped cream and cherry topping (after bathing in a rainbow shower).  That is my best description of Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies.  You can tell that these guys & gals truly enjoy what they do, and it shows in their music.

Alesana, Raleigh

If you could get as far from the type of music we just explored with Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies, Alesana would be right there smiling (well, maybe smiling isn’t quite the appropriate word).  This rift crunching, double-bass pedal pounding, mosh-it-out-over-breakfast screamo band is sure to have you with your hand in the air, fist clinched, and head banging all night.

The Loners, Raleigh

The Loners have a unique history in the Raleigh music scene.  They can be considered the diamond in the rough (the rough being the closing of King’s Barcade in downtown Raleigh in the spring of 2007).  After reuniting to play the last show at King’s, the band decided to stay together because of the outpouring of support they receive from the show.  Fast forward almost two years and The Loners are getting set to release their first album since 2002, entitled “Revolution!” (hmm maybe a reference to THE Revolution, 88.1fm…okay probably not, but I can dream).

Inflowential, Raleigh

The beat boxes are crazy, and the live show is amazing!  If you have not seen/heard of this group and you have been in Raleigh for more that a year, then you need to catch up.  Inflowential (not to be mistaken for Kooley High, another hip-hop group that has crossover members) can be seen at  local venues or maybe you remember seeing them place in the top three nationally in mtvU’s Best Music on Campus (a competiton with rising new music artists) last year.

Hammer No More The Fingers, Chapel Hill

Classic indie rock at its best from the town that cranks out indie-alternative like it is a day job.  Its very interesting to see how three driven musicians that grew up in Chapel Hill in the 90’s turn out musically given the crazy musical scene in the town during the past decade or two (I am trying not to dwell to much on a place that is home to the ever so horrible Tar Holes, but it is hard in this case).