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Double Duchess’s TOP HITS OF 2017 SO FAR!!!!

We’re halfway through 2017 and so far the newest music has been tasty, and that’s coming from someone who almost exclusively listens to old The Front Bottoms albums on repeat day in and day out. Check out this sick list of all of my favorite music from 2017 thus far.

Machinist // Japanese Breakfast

I’ve only recently begun listening to Japanese Breakfast, however the electro-pop hit, Machinist is sure to satisfy any summer playlist. Check her out on Spotify!

The Glow // Sylvan Esso

One of my top favorite local artists, Sylvan Esso, just released a fun music video for The Glow featuring admittedly cringe-worthy imagery of a “typical night” in Brooklyn. Maybe I’m just hypocritical because I’ve never had that much fun sputting around town. However, seeing them perform it live this year was crazy good.

Ur Movin // Astro Cowboy

If you caught me at this year’s DBB, you would have seen me crying my eyes out to Astro Cowboy’s last set… ever. They played Ur Movin and many of us indie kids cradled each other as we celebrated the end of an era. Ur Movin is a goodbye song for the band, and a perfect way to wrap up the life of the band.

High School Angel // Ryan Sanchez-Webb

Never have I thought a song was written about ME before but maybe I’m just crazy and also a Leo who thinks everything is about herself. Anyway, Ryan brings to the table a sweet track about young love and spontaneous beach trips. This is the first upbeat and happy song the artist has ever performed, and I’m a HUGE fan. Check him out at

Get Numb // The Front Bottoms

*Cracks Knuckles* So I had to put down the newest single from my fav band ever. TBH I haven’t listened to it a whole lot since it was only released for a short time on bandcamp, and I was stupid and didn’t grab it when I could. However I think it pays more homage to the older albums where the whiny voice of Brian pulls on my heart strings and it feels less polished, which is what I love about their older music. The song speaks about immigration and was born out of the band’s frustrations surrounding immigration reform, speaking of taking drugs in the past to get numb, but now’s not the time for that, rather it’s time to take action. All proceeds for the song and shirts they made went to Make The Road New Jersey, a community-based org aiming to “build the power of immigrant and working class communities in New Jersey to achieve dignity and justice through community organizing, legal and support services, transformative education and policy innovation.”


-Double Duchess xoxo

Festival Coverage

SXSW 2017

DJ Iron Mic hit up SXSW last month and brought us back these goodies!

A$AP Ferg

Chris Rivers

DJ Shahzad




Lil Yachty

Professor Toon


Sylvan Esso

Ugly God

Festival Coverage

Most Anticipated Acts of Hopscotch (Underrepresented Genders Edition)

Hopscotch is next week, and since I’m a rookie, I just printed out a schedule to start planning. Actually, maybe that’s the opposite of a rookie move. Either way, Hopscotch has a great, diverse lineup, and you’re sure to find many artists you enjoy over the three days. Here are some must-see acts whose frontpeople belong to underrepresented genders.


Sylvan Esso, who every local should want to see, if only to feel proud to be from the home state of such a well-known indie act. Also, I’m excited for the possibility that they’ll play their catchiest song, “Coffee,” and to hear the new songs the duo has announced, when they headline on Saturday.


Pie Face Girls have become pretty well-known locally for their powerful sound and lyrics, and for their unconstrained stage presence. They play fun-sounding punk that brings out typically unspoken parts of the female experience.


Erykah Badu is kind of a legend, and I feel bad only having heard about her this year. Her latest release, a mixtape, is really intriguing; it’s like a scavenger hunt to find the sources of portions of the songs. WKNC released an artist profile about Badu if you’d like to learn more. She’s headlining Red Hat Amphitheater on Friday, so it’s sure to be an awesome show.


Diet Cig has so much energy, and you’ll likely be tired just watching Alex Luciano’s animated dancing and high kicks (and that’s not even getting to the music.) Diet Cig played at King’s in March, and it was gravity-defying and rockin’. To get a sneak peek of their Hopscotch performance, check out their WKNC Lounge set.


Dai Burger’s music is outside of my usual comfort zone, but somehow I still like it. Maybe it’s something about her goofy website, her clever and catchy rap verses, or the fact that she’s named herself “Burger,” but she seems to balance sharing her talent with getting listeners to have fun.


Wume brings live rhythmic experimentation to Hopscotch. It’s tough to find contemporary instrumental acts that aren’t purely electronic, and Wume does a great job making complex but approachable music.


Bad Friends’ sound is a lot heavier than I usually listen to, but what are music festivals for if not exploration? Their demo songs are good, and they’re local, which makes me like them already.

You can find all Hopscotch set times and locations here

-The Fuzz

Festival Coverage

Hopscotch Local Artist Newcomers

Your guide to local artists who will be featured at Hopscotch for the first time!

Tuskha: Chill and catchy R&B influenced pop solo project by Phil Moore of Bower Birds

Listen here:

Where at Hopscotch: Saturday, 5:50pm @ City Plaza

Konvoi: Asheville, NC post-punk

Listen here:

Where at Hopscotch: Saturday, 11:30pm @ Slim’s

Pie Face Girls: Raleigh activist punk band that will make you move

Listen here:

For fans of: Bikini Kill, Babes in Toyland

Where at Hopscotch: Thursday, 11:00pm @ Kings

Sarah Shook and the Disarmers: Fierce Country out of Pittsboro


For fans of: Mount Moriah

Where at Hopscotch: Friday, 10:30pm @ Slim’s

S.E. Ward: Emotion packed, indie folk solo project

Listen here:

For fans of: Sharon van Etten

Where at Hopscotch: Friday, 9:00pm @ Nash Hall

Al Riggs: Chapel Hill folk rock

Listen here:

For fans of: Kurt Vile

Where at Hopscotch: Friday, 9:00pm @ Deep South Bar

No One Mind: Dark Psych rock featuring members of Birds of Avalon, Lilac Shadows, Grogh, and more. 

New 7″ “Born Again” b/w “Baron Gain” here:

For fans of: Birds of Avalon, Black Mountain

Where at Hopscotch: Friday, 11:00pm @ Deep South Bar

Rainbow Kitten surprise: Soulful and groovy Indy-pop out of Boone

Listen here:

For fans of: Twin Shadow

Where at Hopscotch: Saturday, 11:30pm @ The Pour House

Crete: Raleigh punk

For fans of: No Love

Where at Hopscotch: Saturday, 9:30pm @ Slim’s

Lacy Jags: Chapel Hill garage rock/ psych rock

Listen here:

For fans of: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Where at Hopscotch: Thursday, 10:00pm @ Kings

Oak City Slums: Raleigh Hip-hop influenced electronic

Listen here:

Where at Hopscotch: Saturday, 9:30pm @ CAM

Hotline: Raleigh 80’s influenced Indy-pop

Listen here:

Where at Hopscotch: Saturday, 9:30pm @ The Pour House

The Wyrms: Garage punk from Carrboro

Listen here:

For fans of: together PANGEA

Where at Hopscotch: Friday, 9:30pm @ CAM

Weird Pennies (of Raleigh): Raleigh-based (hence the band name) indie pop

Listen here:

Where at Hopscotch: Saturday, 9:00pm @ Deep South Bar

Zensofly: Hip hop out of Raleigh

Listen here:

Where at Hopscotch: Thursday, 9:30pm @ Kings

Jodi: Rap out of Raleigh

Listen here:

Where at Hopscotch: Friday, 9:00pm @ Kings

Necrocosm: Death metal from Raleigh

Listen here:

For fans of: Morbid Angel

Where at Hopscotch: Saturday, 10:00pm @ Kings

The Charming Youngsters: Raleigh/Durham shoegaze/ indy noise-pop

Listen here:

For fans of: Eternal Summers

Where at Hopscotch: Friday, 9:30 @ Slim’s Downtown

Treee City: Durham electronic

Listen here:

Where at Hopscotch: Thursday, 10:30pm @ Neptunes

Bad Friends: Durham heavy queer punk

Listen here:

For fans of: Circle Takes the Square

Where at Hopscotch: Saturday, 8:30pm @ Lincoln Theater

Other Local acts: Sylvan Esso, Wye Oak, The Dead Tongues, Kooley High, Grogh, Blursome, Dynamite Brothers. Not new to the festival but definitely worth checking out. 

DJ Whatsherface


WKNC Spotify Soundclash

WKNC is proud to announce its participation in Spotify’s Soundclash, “A playlist battle to end all playlist battles.” Here’s how it works: You, loyal listener, go over to Spotify and type WKNC in the search bar. Down under playlists you will see “WKNC 88.1 FM: North Carolina State University”  (or just follow this link). Then follow the playlist.


WKNC is one of 270+ 20+ campus clubs and organizations across the United States that have created a 15-song playlist. Since we love local music so much, we picked lots songs from Kooley High, Sylvan Esso, Future Islands, Polvo and other North Carolina favorites.

The organization with the most playlist followers in the next 13 days gets $5,000: half for us and half to share with a non-profit organization through

Music News and Interviews

Sylvan Esso Interview

Sylvan Esso performs at the 2013 Hopscotch Music Festival

Local-ish indie rockers Sylvan Esso spoke with DJ C’est La Bri in advance of their Dec. 6 and 7 performances at King’s Barcade with The Love Language.

Sylvan Esso on WKNC

Music News and Interviews

The Love Language in the Lounge

The Love Language stopped by WKNC the other day to talk with us about their recent album “Ruby Red” as well as their tour and their upcoming Winter Formal with Sylvan Esso at Kings this Friday and Saturday night. They also stepped back into The Lounge for an intimate, stripped-down set to show off their latest effort. Stu and Autumn armed with only a guitar, a floor tom, a keyboard, and a tambourine were enough to have the freshmen in the neighboring dorm sticking their heads out their window as Stu’s strong voice escaped the building. Stay tuned for another song of their new album from the performance and be sure to check out our YouTube channel for all of our past performances!

New Album Review

New Local Music

Loamlands – Some Kind of Light

Loamlands is the new project from Will and Kym of Midtown Dickens and it retains a lot of the Southern aesthetics of their previous project. However, Loamlands leans more towards a country/blues orientation than Midtown, resulting in some subdued rustic goodness.


Jonathan Scales Fourchestra – Jonathan Scales Fourchestra

Jonathan Scales is a steel pan drummer from Asheville and the Fourchestra creates exhilarating jazz music. Brilliantly combining technique and flare, the Fourchestra produces easily accessible music that’s as entertaining as it is impressive.

Blanko Basnet – Blanko Basnet

The new project from Joe Hall of Hammer No More The Fingers, Blanko Basnet retains a lot of Hammer’s bouncy indie rock sounds while containing enough originality to feel like an exciting new project. Hall’s songs have a bit more expansive properties and tend to stray away from formulaic melodies, making for an always enjoyable listen.

Mandolin Orange – This Side of Jordan

Mandolin Orange have taken on a much more somber sound for their latest release. While most releases from the band have featured a few catchy, upbeat tracks, This Side of Jordan displays the band’s sense of restraint. There’s still a few gems that feature Andrew’s bluegrassy mandolin intros and jangly strumming, but most tracks lean more towards the heartfelt folk category that propelled the band to local fame. Still jam-packed with gorgeous harmonies, which is quite frankly the most important part of this brilliant duo.

Ghostt Bllonde – TrashPop//DoomWop

Ghostt Bllonde’s debut full-length marks a heightened fidelity for the band, trading in some of their trademark hisses for a more defined sound that does them well. Kuzio’s angst-ridden vocals still contain the same ferocity as before, but the melodies no longer hide behind a super lo-fi veil.

Jackson Scott – Melbourne

This guy came out of nowhere and has already gotten signed to Fat Possum, all from a Pitchfork piece. It’s kind of bonkers how swiftly he developed a buzz, but this Asheville based songwriter produces catchy albeit bleak songs with an early 90s indie rock aesthetic. Definitely worth a listen.

Shannon Whitworth – High Tide

Fantastic blend of Americana stylings with indie-rock instrumentation. Whitworth has an enchanting voice that nestles itself firmly within the intricate confines of Seth Kaufman’s stellar instrumental work.


Morning Brigade – Above Our Heads

An excellent young act from Chapel Hill that produces a self-described brand of “autumnal indie-folk.” They feel very reminiscent of Lost in the Trees, they’ve got a promising sound that’s deeply rooted in their surroundings and innermost thoughts. Good stuff!


Manna Frost Trio – As For Martinton

Excellent stuff from a relatively new band out of Chapel Hill. This album is filled with rich vocal harmonies and an expansive sound that feels a lot like early My Morning Jacket. They maintain their folky foundation while exploring the outer-reaches of the genre’s limits.

Sylvan Esso -“Hey Mami”/“Play It Right”

Oh my god, if you haven’t listened to this band yet you should just go ahead and do so. Sylvan Esso consists of Nick Sanborn of Megafaun and Amelia Meath of Mountain Man, together they produce a mesmerizing blend of hip-hop based beat music that’s filled with Meath’s twee-folk vocal stylings. Great stuff.

Gross Ghost – “Version of Love”/“You Will”

Gross Ghost is prepping for their full-length debut on Odessa Records and they’ve released two new singles thusfar. “Version of Love” isn’t going to be featured on the album but it accurately highlights the difficult break-up that Mike Dillon has gone through between the release of Brer Rabbit and their upcoming Public Housing. “You Will” is the album’s first single and boasts an infectious chorus with Gross Ghost’s typical fuzzed out instrumentation. Great stuff!

Festival Coverage

More Hopscotch Highlights: Thursday