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Last Fridays On The Lawn for 2015

WKNC, students, and listeners bid farewell to Fridays On The Lawn for 2015. This past Friday, November 7, WKNC hosted Noah Rawlings of Sunshine Faces and The Mineral Girls. As the sun set, and the stringed lights twinkled, the two sets felt intimate, and romantic. There was a special connection to be felt between the audience and the bands. 

Noah Rawlings of Sunshine Faces

Noah Rawlings of Sunshine Faces (above) played a solo set; he compared himself to playing without a band as something similar to Bob Dylan.

The Mineral Girls

The Mineral Girls dedicated their set to mid 2000’s teen pop star, and my personal idol, Hilary Duff.

The Mineral Girls

See you next year (2016) Fridays On The Lawn!

Concert Preview

Technician Preview for Fridays on the Lawn

Nathan Forbes, WKNC Correspondent


source: Sunshine Face’s Facebook

This Friday, outside of Witherspoon Student Center, WKNC will be holding one of several of its long-running musical events, Fridays on the Lawn. Sunshine Faces from Chapel Hill and Mineral Girls from Charlotte will be playing; both bands are riding off the release of albums this year. 

Sunshine Faces just recently released “Peaked,” their sophomore album, recorded completely in a dorm room. Their music has been described as lo-fi, but it is by no means thin-sounding. Their songs are expansive, swelling and even ethereal-sounding. At times, their music is reminiscent of The Cure, like on the song “Kissing Every Day,” a quick-tempo track with twangy guitar sounds and glistening synthesizers. At other times they sound like a shoegaze or twee pop band. Honestly though, they are not an easy band to pinpoint as they don’t tend to just one sound throughout an album. Some other tracks I’d recommend checking out from the band are “Of Asheville,” as well as the fan favorite, “Teenage Prayer.” 

Mineral Girls released the totally solid album, “Cozy Body,” this spring. The lo-fi emo group has plenty of catchy melodies and harmonized guitars to spare. Brett Green’s distorted and distant vocals give their music a signature sound too. Some songs I’d recommend from these guys are “Was the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Me” and “Nvr Ur Gf.” 

With the forecast predicting warm weather and only a slight chance of rain, coming out to Witherspoon this Friday afternoon is a good bet for a great time. Lighten your mood after a long week, and chill out to some good tunes. If you possess even a slight fondness for reverby guitar music, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one. Music starts at five. Come hang!


source: The Mineral Girls Facebook


All Summer No Bummer: A Radio K / WKNC Tune Trade

This past week, we collaborated with our friends from Radio K for a summery song swap compilation. All Summer No Bummer highlights new and exclusive hits handpicked by each station to represent the North Carolina and Minnesota music scenes. 

WKNC’s contribution includes new songs by Ghostt Bllonde, Naked Naps, Sunshine Faces, and GRRL, plus previously unreleased songs by Body Games and Docking, and hits by Family Bike, Lonnie Walker, Astro Cowboy, and Less Western.

The full 20-track mix of summertime vibes can be downloaded here for free!