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DBB12 Artist Profile: Mac McCaughan


Mac McCaughan

There aren’t many with the level of cred that Mac McCaughan carries. The Superchunk and Portastatic frontman’s legacy has affected the Triangle with both his music and Merge, the label he founded with Superchunk bandmate Laura Ballance in 1989.

Last year saw Merge’s 25th year of existence, and they used their firsthand experience as working musicians to grow from humble 7’’ and cassette releases in the early 90’s to the indie powerhouse they are today. Not only have they boasted mega acts like Arcade Fire and Neutral Milk Hotel, but continue to host North Carolina’s own talent such as Hiss Golden Messenger, Mount Moriah, and DBB12 headliners Spider Bags.

Superchunk hasn’t slowed down either. 2013’s release of “I Hate Music” was met with critical acclaim and a clear message that the modern indie rock world wouldn’t be getting tired of Superchunk any time soon.

On Feb. 7 at Lincoln Theatre, McCaughan will take the stage at an event played by countless acts that he’s inspired and supported. Without Mac McCaughan, the Triangle music scene as we know it probably wouldn’t exist.

– Walt Lilly, WKNC Program Director

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DBB12 Artist Profile: No Love


No Love

You may or may not know it, but North Carolina has always had a very vibrant punk scene. With the inception of No Love in 2013, Raleigh had another exciting band to add to the growing roster of heavier acts in the area.

The band is made up of what has been described as a sampling of Raleigh music veterans consisting of members from other projects including Black Zinfandel, Devour, Logic Problem, Last Words, Infección and the infamous No Chodes.

Opting for a slightly more polished sound than some of their contemporaries like Double Negative or label mates Whatever Brains, No Love has drawn comparisons to Screeching Weasel and the Buzzcocks. Though the group may only be a little over one year old, they have already made the billing of Raleigh’s premiere music festival Hopscotch, shared the stage with Ex-Cult, and released two cassettes on Raleigh’s own Sorry State Records. They’ve even garnered glowing press from outlets such as Maximum Rock and Roll and NPR’s All Songs Considered.

It’s easy to tell that there’s a lot in store for this up and coming band. Catch them open the fast and furious night one of DBB at Lincoln Theatre for what’s sure to be a hometown hoedown.

– John Kovalchik, WKNC General Manager

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Local Artist of the Month: Whatever Brains


When it comes to describing Raleigh’s experimental punk outfit Whatever Brains, quite a few things come to mind. The band dabbles into plenty of unfamiliar territories for a band that most would pigeonhole into the “punk” category, one the band doesn’t even sound too privy to. Rather, they see themselves firmly within the realm of modern electronic music, morphing together elements from aggressive rock like punk and garage while melding in elements of psych-rock to create a caustic conglomeration of sounds. For our November Artist of the Month feature I sat down with Whatever Brains to talk a bit about the music that inspires them, their opinions on the North Carolina punk scene, and what we can expect from the band in the future.

What resulted was a spastic interview that covered everything from the band’s origins with local music to their favorite cereal and youtube videos. The conversation is a bit indicative of what you can expect from the band’s music, regardless of how the direction you’re taking with it you know that you’re in for something that’s entertaining. While Whatever Brains’ past three untitled full-lengths have displayed a gradual progression from spastic punk stand-outs to electronically leaning front-runners, the band’s humility continually shines through. Whether you’re looking to find out about the band’s upcoming release, slated to be a “rock opera” split-single, or to hear about what they’re listening to in their free time, our Local Artist of the Month feature pinpoints what makes Whatever Brains tick.

Vocalist Rich Ivey delves into his songwriting process and the importance of lyrics while one of the band’s numerous keyboardists William Evans tackles the topics of contemporary influences. For the next forty minutes you can immerse yourself in our off-kilt conversations about the past, present and future of one of the region’s most underrated acts, Whatever Brains.