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Show Review: Frankie Cosmos

Although she is barely 22, Greta Kline (aka Frankie Cosmos) has both the aura and the experience of a fully experienced musician. She has released over a couple dozen low-fi DIY projects on Bandcamp in addition to an EP and now two proper LPs. Her newly released album, Next Thing is a big step forward both lyrically and sonically, with some of Kline’s best lyrics to date and fantastic full band arrangements that do justice to her songwriting ability.

Instead of mixing old songs with new, Frankie Cosmos played almost every track from the new LP before moving on to older material. She ended the initial section with my favorite Next Thing track, “Embody” before playing an Of Montreal cover and then running through highlights from Zentropy and the entirety of the Fit Me In EP.

Eskimeaux, the bedroom pop project of Kline’s longtime friend and touring band member Gabrielle Smith, performed before Frankie Cosmos. The band played lots of new material from an upcoming EP release. Their set was just as good as the headliner’s, as the new songs carry an immediacy that goes over very well in a live setting. Anna McLellan opened up the night accompanied by jazz-influenced piano.

This was one of the best shows I’ve been to in recent memory. Frankie Cosmos and Eskimeaux are two of my favorite artists in the scene right now and seeing them perform together was amazing. All the performances were solid and these artists have lots of great music still left to put out.

– Alex Johnson, WKNC Local Music Director

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of Montreal Giveaway

photo found on NPR

Want tickets to see Of Montreal tonight at Cat’s Cradle? Enter our giveaway!

Simply follow us on tumblr if you haven’t already, and reblog this post with contact info and a haiku about your favorite of Montreal song. Winners will be chosen at 5pm today.

As a reminder, haikus are 3 lines: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. Rhyming is not necessary. Good luck!

For more info on the show, click here.

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SoundOff11 Of Montreal/Ellie Goulding

This week we talk about the latest Memories Tour by Weezer, the shoe design of Animal Collective, and review the debut album from Ellie Goulding and the latest release from Of Montreal.

Listen to episode 11.

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DJ Ones interviews Of Montreal

On Wednesday, June 2, before their performance in Carborro (which you can read all about here), I, DJ Ones, got the chance to sit down with bassist Davey Pierce from Of Montreal. In addition to speak about Of Montreal’s process behind creating a record, Davey gave us the scoop about their 2010 release. Davey also talked about the planning that goes in to creating the elaborate performances the band are known for and more. If you were late to listening to the interview, below it is posted in its entirety.

Of Montreal interview

Concert Review

Of Montreal at it again

“Go with what you know”  can be a dangerous adage to follow when deciding what to spend your hard-earned money on in the ways of live music.  Seeing the same band, or the same types of bands, unwaveringly can make you bored, poorly-rounded, and generally not fun to be around.  Conversely, excessive experimentation and willy-nillyness in your show-going can lead to tired feet, confusion, and a real skinny wallet. Appropriate balance is key; of Montreal is your huckleberry.

Wednesday was the third time (for second time at the Cradle) I’ve seen the much-lauded Elephant Six troop from Athens. And, as always, they failed in every way possible to disappoint.

When you see of Montreal, you know you’re going to hear great music; you know you’re going to get a great live performance. What keeps you coming back, to quote my favorite political actor of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, are the “known unknowns.” The on-stage theatrics, the costume changes, the audience involvement: you know they’re all coming, you just don’t know how.

Kevin Barnes has a way about picking out great openers, too. (E.g., They tapped the now teen-infectious MGMT well before they worked their way into cute girls’ iPods and everyone else’s guilty conscience (don’t lie), as well as the oh-so-fabulous Sugar and Gold.) This time,the opener was the densely-populated (two divas, a bad-ass sax player, a helmet-wearing keys player, two exceedingly talented guitar players, and a drummer who somehow managed to keep up the rhythm) Noot d’Noot:

an Atlanta-based freak-funk hipswaying acid jazz group up to whom the crowd warmed quite well. Oh yeah, and a lead male vocalist (seen in the above with his hands in the air) who looked a whole lot like this guy:

Like I said, of Montreal failed miserably to disappoint. Alas, there was no coffin filled with shaving cream, no on-stage faux-hanging (both featured when I saw them last, in Durham), but there were plenty of gas mask-wearing bishops:
and, of course, the obligatory trash can-mounted feather blaster:

I’ll certainly see these guys (and gal) next time they pop up in the triangle.  It’s a safe way to spend your show-cash: you know what you’re gonna get, but there are sufficient “unknowns” to keep you coming back.


Music News and Interviews

DJ Ones to Interview Of Montreal 6/2 5pm EST

I have another amazing privilege in getting the chance to interview Of Montreal tomorrow night at 5 p.m.! Of Montreal plays later that night at Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill, and you can hear their interview with me, DJ Ones, before you head out to the show.

Of Montreal is the spectacular band from Athens, Georgia, whose career has spanned the better part of almost two decades. The band has released over ten full length albums with one more entitled False Priest coming sometime later this year. The band has reached growing levels of success over the past decade with their 2007 album Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? reaching number 72 on the Billboard Charts, and their 2008 release Skeletal Lamping reaching 38.

And if you have questions for the band leave, them in the comment section below or tweet them to @wknc881