WKNC The Lounge playlist

Need some motivation to study for exams and get those final papers done? Just put this playlist of WKNC’s The Lounge videos on repeat.

While you are at it, let us know which ones are your favorites. We will be submitting contest entries soon and want to pick the best one.

Music News and Interviews

Matthew E White in the Lounge

Matthew E. White “Big Love” // WKNC’s The Lounge

Richmond songwriter Matthew E. White paid a visit to WKNC before his December show at King’s to perform an alternate version of “Big Love,” a cut off his debut album Big Inner. This is the forth session of The Lounge, which has been described by Indy Week as “a good way to hear tunes you might know in a different context." 

Matthew E. White, founder of Spacebomb Records in Richmond, Virginia, is also head of the jazz band Fight the Big Bull and was also a member of rock group The Great White Jenkins. Big Inner, which was released in 2012, can best be described from the following excerpt via his website: " Whether you’re a woman or man, White’s mournful, get-it-on voice may be all you can hear: I don’t want to live a day longer than you, so let’s meet the Lord together. You can call it soul music if you want. It’s his soul and it’s his music.” Big Inner is composed of seven songs and is the first release from Spacebomb Records. 

Matthew E. White has also collaborated with Justin Vernon, Sharon Van Etten, Megafaun, and The Mountain Goats. 

Music News and Interviews

Matthew E. White Interview

Matthew E. White stopped by to chat with WKNC’s DJ DiGiorno before his Dec. 14 show with Howard Ivans at King’s Barcade.

Listen here.

Festival Coverage

It’s Hopscotch Day One!

And you should go see some bands.  If you want someone to pick those for you, here it is:


Phil Cook & His Feat at Fletcher Opera Theatre:  Phil Cook is awesome.  He plays in a band you’ve probably heard called Megafaun.  He played in a band with Justin Vernon before he started his Bon Iver project (read: DeYarmond Edison).  I’ve seen him do a granular synthesis set opening for the Field.  This show is gonna be awesome because it’s your chance to see his great folk work in a theatre setting.  Hell yeah.


Feltbattery at the Hive:  If you’re looking for some interesting local noise compositions, you couldn’t go wrong with this set.


Deerhoof at Memorial Auditorium: Memorial Auditorium has really nice sound, and it’ll be a great chance to catch the intricacies of Deerhoof’s dense compositional framework.


Matthew E. White at Fletcher Opera Theatre:  White’s debut album just recently came out, and it’s already blowing up.  Plus, if you check out that Phil Cook set and are really enjoying the vibes at Fletcher, this one shouldn’t be too far removed.  I think the plan is to get a bunch of talented musicians to work out the compositions to their fullest potential in a live setting.  This could be stellar.


Guardian Angel at White Collar Crime: Psych metal, heavy on the psych.  If that sounds like a “hell yes”, then this one’s a no-brainer.


Thee Oh Sees:  I saw Thee Oh Sees earlier this summer, and I’m skipping on other bands that I’d be totally stoked to see that I haven’t (Julia Holter, Delicate Steve, Liars*).  That doesn’t matter though, because IT’S THEE OH SEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks, hope this helps,


*I have seen Liars before, but it was a really long time ago.  Just added them in there for the purposes of letting you know they’re playing tonight too.