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Carolina Grown Podcast: Let Feedback Ring on Nov. 1


First Fridays are a time for Triangle residents to immerse themselves in the rich culture of downtown Raleigh. While the monthly event has swiftly become a hub for art galleries to hold special events, with music occasionally taking the spotlight on certain months, Let Feedback Ring is doing their best to change that. Let Feedback Ring, a project formed by local musician/music journalist Corbie Hill and Negative Fun Records owner Chris DeFusco, are now hosting monthly showcases at Legends Nightclub that bring a bit more variety to the First Friday crowd.

The idea got kickstarted after Let Feedback Ring hosted a massive Hopscotch Day Party at Legends that housed 13 bands throughout the day. While the feat would drive most people to hang it up and accept that they’ve done their duty for the area, Hill and DeFusco craved more, as did Legends. On Nov. 1, Let Feedback Ring hosted the first of their monthly showcases with Ghostt Bllonde, Le Weekend and Corbie’s band Alpha Cop. So the week of the show I was joined by Chris, Corbie and Legends’ representative Matt Causey to talk about how this all came together. While many were probably surprised at the location of this indie rock-based event, listeners will quickly realize just how natural this collaboration can be.

Throughout the hour we talked a bit about the origins of Let Feedback Ring, the intended future of the event, as well as the struggles of maintaining regular events while running a record label or writing for numerous local outlets. As we now know, Let Feedback Ring is certainly continuing as a monthly event, as they recently announced their December event which will feature our November Artist of the Month, Whatever Brains, along with Wool and Goner on Dec. 6. Check out our full conversation to hear the ins and outs of planning these events and the struggle to maintain so many different aspects of the music scene.  

Concert Preview

Carolina Grown Preview: Nov. 1, 2013

As we come upon another week, we’re preparing for another two full hours of fantastic local music with Carolina Grown! This week is an awesome one, as I’ll be joined by one of my favorite local acts Gross Ghost as they talk about their brand new album Public Housing that was released this week on Odessa Records. I’ve also got local community members Corbie Hill and Chris DeFusco joining me to talk about their First Friday event “Let Feedback Ring.”

“Let Feedback Ring” will take over the first hour of Carolina Grown, I chat with Corbie, Chris and Matt, a representative from Legends Nightclub to get some details about the inception of this now monthly event. “Let Feedback Ring” has been Corbie’s brainchild for a few years, but at Hopscotch the name was used to promote a massive day party at Legends Nightclub that hosted 13 acts throughout the day. Now the two have teamed up with Legends to continue this wildly successful series, bringing Ghostt Bllonde, Le Weekend and Corbie’s band Alpha Cop to the Legends stage (and catwalk!) on Friday, Nov. 1. Throughout the hour we’ll hear music from some of the performers from the First Friday show as well as from the Hopscotch showcase while we chat about the group’s involvement in the community, how it all got together and where they plan to go from here.

Gross Ghost will be joining me throughout the second hour for a segment I’m incredibly excited about. Gross Ghost has been a longtime favorite of mine since they released their first EP Lip City a few years ago, now the band has just released their second full length record Public Housing and finds themselves swiftly picking up steam in the local scene. With a solidified lineup and a fresh approach to their straight-forward hook-heavy indie rock, Gross Ghost is ready to ascend to prominence on the heels of this incredible album that chronicles the highs and lows of broken relationships and life’s constant uncertainties. We’ll chat a bit about the writing process within Gross Ghost, the struggles of laying your emotions on the line and some of the ins and outs of being in a “buzz band.”

Concert Preview Local Music

March’s Local Beer Local Band schedule

If you have been rubbing your hands together in eager anticipation of March’s Local Beer Local Band schedule, you can stop. WKNC and Tir Na Nog have pulled together quite a line up.

March 4 – The Loners, The Demon Beat and The Royal Nites

March 11 – I Was Totally Destroying It, Grey Gray Young and today the moon, tomorrow the sun

March 18 – Sunfold (CD release show) and Mount Weather

March 25 – Let Feedback Ring Festival with Free Electric State, The Bronzed Chorus and Veelee

DJ Highlights

Local Beat preview 7/3/09

Just because the mailman ain’t delivering today doesn’t mean the Local Beat is taking a day off.  We’re having Corbie Hill from Battle Rockets and Where The Buffalo Roamed in at 5:00.

Corbie is the organizer of Let Feedback Ring, an alternative choice for weekend musical entertainment.  Alternative to what, you ask? Well, you know

Should be a good conversation.  Check out some of the music to be featured at “Let Feedback Ring” and the full lineup below.

Show is at Sadlack’s Heroes on Hillsborough Street and starts at 1pm

Goodbye, Titan

The White Cascade

Free Electric State

Battle Rockets


Once and Future Kings

Spy Satellite