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FRIDAYS ON THE LAWN // September 19, 2014


Our first Fridays on the Lawn outdoor concert of the semester is almost here! Bring your friends and hang with WKNC on Harris Field in front of Witherspoon Student Center for free music, food, and fun!

This month we’re stoked to have a full band set with David Childers of Overmountain Men as well as a solo set from Nathan Golub, a primitive guitar artist from Durham, NC.

Did we mention that there will be free food? INSOMNIA COOKIES will be provided to all!

Parking can be found in Dan Allen Deck in all spots marked “C”.

You can check out Nathan Golub’s music on bandcamp:

and David Childers on SoundCloud:

If there is inclement weather, the event will be held in Talley Pavilion Lounge.

Non-Music News

EOT96 UAB/IRC 7/31/12

For our first report this week, Jake brings us a bit of information on the brand new university organization, the Division of Academic and Student Affairs.

The IRC plays an important role here on campus, facilitating cooperation in between the different residencies. Deondre’ Jones went in search of what the ICR has planned for the upcoming school year.

If you’ve ever seen the movies at the cinema in Witherspoon, or any of the concerts they put on throughout the year, then you are familiar with the Union Activities Board. Andrew was curious about what kind of activities they’re lining up for this year.

If you are currently out of work and you live in the Raleigh-Durham area, you are in luck. Kepplinger magazine recently named Durham as the second best city in the country to find a job.

The dark knight rises opened not long ago, to critical success. But with it came a tragedy still be felt across the country. Jake thought it would be nice to visit a time when Batman wasn’t quite so dark.

Listen to episode 96.

Concert Review

Fridays on the Lawn 4 a resounding success

If you weren’t able to make it to Harris Field last Friday, then you missed out. In retrospect, the phrase “weather permitting” would have been grossly inappropriate.  (Well, the main reason for this is that had the weather been iffy,  the show would have moved to the Wolves’ Den, but what I mean to say is that the weather was as close to perfect as it gets.)
Chapel Hill trio Aminal took the stage first, a little after 6:30.  Just as expected, they proved true to form and lit the place up, and gained a couple hundred fans in the process.  Raleigh quintet Bright Young Things (who, by way of interest, features three NC State grads) finished the night off in grand fashion to an appreciative crowd and a pretty sweet sunset.
This show was the fourth installment of what will hopefully be a long line of many free on-campus concerts presented by the NC State Union Activities Board, the Inter Residence Council, and WKNC.

All photos were taken by Technician photographer Jordan Moore.

Concert Preview

Final FRIDAYS ON THE LAWN this Friday!

It’s hard to believe that two months ago we were setting up for the first ever Fridays on the Lawn concert with I Was Totally Destroying It and Luego. From conception, Fridays of the Lawn was designed to expose students to the thriving, yet largely unnoticed music scene of the Triangle. Carl Licata, a senior in computer science, said, “the past show was a great way to experience good, local music first-hand, and it didn’t cost a thing.”

Now with two concerts down, WKNC turns to promote its final installment featuring a hip-hop based show with The Beast and Kooley High.

WKNC staff will be posted out at the Free Expression Tunnel at NC State tomorrow and Friday to hand out fliers for the show from 11am-1pm. WKNC merch and Hear Here Compilation CDs will be available for purchase.

Due to weather conditions, Friday’s show will take place at the Wolves Den in the basement of Talley Student Center. This show is also free and open to the public. Free food and free t-shirts will be available, however they are limited, so don’t forget to come early! Let’s make the last Fridays on the Lawn the best one yet!

Concert Preview

Friday, we’re doing it On the Lawn


We here at WKNC know that it’s been circled on your calendar and written in ink in your planner since we officially announced it, but for those less well-organized among you:

This Friday, October 30, WKNC, the Union Activities Board, Inter-Residence Council, and Student Government are presenting Schooner and Max Indian right here on Harris Field, in front of WKNC’s very own Witherspoon Student Center.

The festivities start at 6:30 p.m. with SchoonerMax Indian will follow at approximately 7:30pm.  There will be free pizza (delivered in waves), a limited amount of free T-shirts, and free raffles for ticket giveaways to other local concerts and movies!

So really, there’s no excuse not to be there.  The weather will be great, so bring your blanket and have a little picnic while you watch some great live, local music.  And of course, as soon as our show is over, we can all head over to the Design School Bash (you were planning to show up fashionably late for that, right?)

Non-Music News

The Shack Attack: an overview of Shackathon 2009

With a busy schedule of new concerts this year such as the Hear Here Compilation shows and the new Fridays on the Lawn Series, WKNC was unsure that it’s now three year old shack would stand again in the Brickyard for Habitat for Humanity’s yearly Shack-a-thon. However, after combating a plethora of disgusting (and probably undiscovered) spiders who had taken up residence in the structure as it sat in DJ Mystery Roach’s backyard, WKNC’s leading team of engineers (consisting of three humanities majors and two actual engineers) managed to bring the beloved Shack back to N.C. State (in quite a few pieces).

Here are some of the pictures of the building process:

The conception of the shack’s design and actual construction came from, NC State graduate student and WKNC engineer, John Jernigan. The shack itself is constructed to look like a giant boom box, complete with it’s own retractable cassesst door that opens automatically when you hit a built in eject button. One of the new and most popular features this year for the shack, however, was the addition of a roof. As I had experienced last year, Shack-a-thon always seems to conjure up the monsoon rain storms which can catch a very cold and tired deejay by surprise in the middle of the night. Needless to say, we were glad to have it when flash flood rains hit the Triangle late Tuesday night.

Although the shack building officially started for student organizations on Sunday, overnight participants weren’t required to spend the night in the shack until Monday. WKNC, however, was the exception. With a booming new set of trainees eager to jump into the fray, staff members manned the shack on Sunday night and have been alternating two hour shifts all week.

During the day, WKNC deejays asked (and sometimes begged) for donations to support the Habitat for Humanity cause. Donors received various KNC apparel like WKNC koozies, stickers, cds, and WKNC t-shirts. One of the new features this year was wireless live broadcasting from the Brickyard, which aired in the early hours of Wednesday morning.  Eye on the Triangle’s own Saja Hindi and myself walked the bricks to speak with the various organizations who were participating this year, including Men Against Rape, Caldwell Fellows, and Inter-residence Council.

Now with only two days left of Shack-a-thon, WKNC looks forward to the Shack-a-thon live music performance by local band, The Pneurotics. Show begins at 7 p.m. and is open to public. The Pneurotics will be performing right next to WKNC shack and will hopefully be giving a live wireless broadcast interview to yours truly, DJ Special K, before the show.

Click here to listen streaming live

Concert Preview

On-campus Concert Series: “Fridays on the Lawn”

WKNC, along with our friends at the Union Activities Board, the Inter-Residence Council, and Student Government, will be presenting three nights of concerts on State’s campus this fall!  “Fridays on the Lawn” will take place on Harris Field in front of Witherspoon Student Center,  and each night will feature two local acts.  All shows are FREE and open to the public, and will start at 6pm.  If you cannot make it out, don’t fret!  The shows will be aired LIVE during the Local Beat starting at 6pm!

There will be FREE pizza and a limited supply of FREE T-shirts, as well.

The first date of the series is Friday September 25th,  and will feature I Was Totally Destroying It and Luego.

Check ‘em out here.


Friday October 30th will feature Schooner and Max Indian.

Local hip-hop acts The Beast and Kooley High will round out the series on Friday, November 20th.

In the event of adverse weather conditions, the shows will be held in the Wolves’ Den in the basement of Talley Student Center, with convenient parking at the Reynolds Coliseum Deck.   Click on the map below for a larger version.  (Full disclosure: this image was created by an engineering student.)