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EOT101 Election 2012 9/11/12

Jake’s retrospective of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Interview with David Lewis, one of the organizers of the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Preview of Herman Cain’s visit to N.C. State.

Soundbytes on whether students are planning to vote in the 2012 election.

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Non-Music News

EOT87 Student Government Elections 3/27/12

Student Body Presidents – Joining us in the studio we had the three candidates running for Student Body President of NC State University.  Jonathon Smith, Andy Walsh, and Caroline Yopp all agreed to meet with us to discuss some of the issues facing the university and what they would do if elected.

Herman Cain – Herman Cain made a lot of noise last fall during his bid for president.  From his infamous quoting of a Pokemon movie to his nine nine nine tax plan, Mr. Cain sure knows how to make himself heard.  Mark Herring was at the fair grounds to hear him speak at the twenty twelve Wake County GOP Republican Convention.

Cow Milking Contest – In case you missed it, last week was Ag week, an NC State tradition that celebrates this university’s close history with the agriculture community of North Carolina.  The celebrations included games, food, and contests, and Jake was right there in the middle of it all.

The People’s Crisis Screening – The humanitarian crisis in North Korea is no secret to the international community. Although Kim Jong Il is gone, it seems the situation is not getting any better.  Last week, the activist group Liberty in North Korea paid a visit to our campus, screening their film “The People’s Crisis” in the Witherspoon Student Cinema.  Deondre’ Jones has more.

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