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Technician Preview for Fridays on the Lawn

Nathan Forbes, WKNC Correspondent


source: Sunshine Face’s Facebook

This Friday, outside of Witherspoon Student Center, WKNC will be holding one of several of its long-running musical events, Fridays on the Lawn. Sunshine Faces from Chapel Hill and Mineral Girls from Charlotte will be playing; both bands are riding off the release of albums this year. 

Sunshine Faces just recently released “Peaked,” their sophomore album, recorded completely in a dorm room. Their music has been described as lo-fi, but it is by no means thin-sounding. Their songs are expansive, swelling and even ethereal-sounding. At times, their music is reminiscent of The Cure, like on the song “Kissing Every Day,” a quick-tempo track with twangy guitar sounds and glistening synthesizers. At other times they sound like a shoegaze or twee pop band. Honestly though, they are not an easy band to pinpoint as they don’t tend to just one sound throughout an album. Some other tracks I’d recommend checking out from the band are “Of Asheville,” as well as the fan favorite, “Teenage Prayer.” 

Mineral Girls released the totally solid album, “Cozy Body,” this spring. The lo-fi emo group has plenty of catchy melodies and harmonized guitars to spare. Brett Green’s distorted and distant vocals give their music a signature sound too. Some songs I’d recommend from these guys are “Was the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Me” and “Nvr Ur Gf.” 

With the forecast predicting warm weather and only a slight chance of rain, coming out to Witherspoon this Friday afternoon is a good bet for a great time. Lighten your mood after a long week, and chill out to some good tunes. If you possess even a slight fondness for reverby guitar music, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one. Music starts at five. Come hang!


source: The Mineral Girls Facebook

Concert Preview

Spring Fridays on the Lawn, Part 1!

It’s time for our first spring Fridays on the Lawn this year! It will take place Friday, March 30, on Harris Field from 6-8 p.m. Besides FREE food, raffles, and prizes, two awesome local bands will be performing.

Mipso Trio is a folk rock band made up of three UNC students. The band recently sold out Cat’s Cradle and is making a name for themselves in our community.

Clay Pigeons is a four-piece out of Raleigh. You may have heard them play outside Raleigh Times this past First Friday, playing good country music and a few covers.

Also, HeadCount will have a table set up where you can register to vote!

Bring a blanket and a friend, see you there!

Concert Preview

Fridays on the Lawn is Back!

It’s that wonderful time of year again. The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and FREE music is played on Harris Field. That’s right, Fridays on the Lawn has returned.  WKNC has again teamed up with our friends in the Union Activities Board and Student Government to bring some of the finest local bands to campus, totally free and complete with fringe benefits!

This year’s show, like the dozen or so before it, will be held on Nov. 4 at 6:30 p.m. featuring none other than Skylar Gudasz and the Ugly Girls as well as Lizzy Ross Band. You may know Lizzy from her recent interview on The Local Beat.  Skylar and those ugly girls may seem familiar after the Arbor Ridge Studios Hopscotch Day Party.  If you missed those two awesome chances to hear them, you definitely shouldn’t miss Fridays on the Lawn!

And how could we call it one of the best events on campus without FREE STUFF? Thanks to our super duper awesome sponsors at Chubby’s Tacos and Ultimate Entertainment, free tacos and trucker hats will be available for the reaping. Various other prizes like CDs, concert tickets, T-shirts, and more will also be up for grabs.

Any and all are welcome to this Friday of fun – so grab your jacket, a quilt, and some friends and get your buttocks out to Friday on the Lawn!

Music News and Interviews

Giveaways are a lot like hot cakes…

They are delicious and they are going FAST! (only you don’t have to pay for them… )

This week at WKNC we have some amazing giveaways we are pretty excited about. We’ve also got something AMAZING coming next week, so stay tuned (literally). Or become our friend on facebook to find out NOW.

4/6 Black Lips @ Cat’s Cradle

Bronzed Chorus @ Pinhook

4/7 Destroyer @ Cat’s Cradle

Surf City @ Kings

Movie: Hanna @ Mission Valley Cinema

4/8 Fridays on the Lawn: Midtown Dickens and Butterflies @ Harris Field (Just kidding, you can’t win tickets… its FREE for everyone!)


4/9 Dr. Dog @ Cat’s Cradle


Rotting Christ (Chainsaw) @ Volume 11

4/13 The Greenhornes @ Kings


Remember, you have to listen to win!

Festival Coverage

Fridays on the Hills (Shakori Hills Grassroots Music Festival)

As most of you know, the spring edition of Shakori Hills Grassroots Music Festival (April 22nd-25th) is rapidly approaching. For those of you who don’t know about the festival, Shakori Hills is a four day experience, which exhibits various dance, art, and music. With over 50 bands performing on four stages,  we wanted to give you a taste of some of the talented acts of the festival. Due to various N.C. State baseball games interrupting the much beloved Local Beat during April, we’ve asked some of our favorite Shakori Hills musicians to join us in the WKNC studio earlier on Friday afternoons for the remainder of the month.

Take a look at who’s dropping in:

This Friday – April 9th, 2010

Inflowential (1-2pm w/ DJ Mick and DJ Kligz)

Bowerbirds (2-3pm w/ DJ Mick and DJ Kligz)

Friday – April 16th, 2010

The Beast and GarDel w/ Special K 2 to 3 p.m.

Friday – April 23rd, 2010

The Honeycutters (11am-12pm w/ DJ Kligz)

If Fridays weren’t already your favorite days of the week, then hopefully WKNC will change that with these great interviews. Be sure to tune in online or at 88.1FM. Also, check out our spring Fridays on the Lawn concert this Friday on Harris Field at N.C. State featuring local bands Aminal and Bright Young Things. The show is free and so are the t-shirts and pizza. Don’t you just love Fridays?

Concert Preview

Friday, we’re doing it On the Lawn


We here at WKNC know that it’s been circled on your calendar and written in ink in your planner since we officially announced it, but for those less well-organized among you:

This Friday, October 30, WKNC, the Union Activities Board, Inter-Residence Council, and Student Government are presenting Schooner and Max Indian right here on Harris Field, in front of WKNC’s very own Witherspoon Student Center.

The festivities start at 6:30 p.m. with SchoonerMax Indian will follow at approximately 7:30pm.  There will be free pizza (delivered in waves), a limited amount of free T-shirts, and free raffles for ticket giveaways to other local concerts and movies!

So really, there’s no excuse not to be there.  The weather will be great, so bring your blanket and have a little picnic while you watch some great live, local music.  And of course, as soon as our show is over, we can all head over to the Design School Bash (you were planning to show up fashionably late for that, right?)

Concert Preview

Friday’s Concert Moved to Wolves Den

As per mother nature’s likely agenda, the first installment of “Fridays on the Lawn” will take place at Talley Student Center, just down the road from Harris Field and Witherspoon Student center (the previous location).  I Was Totally Destroying It and Luego will be performing in the Wolves’ Den this Friday, Sept 25, at 6pm.  The show is still FREE and open to the public.

Concert Preview

On-campus Concert Series: “Fridays on the Lawn”

WKNC, along with our friends at the Union Activities Board, the Inter-Residence Council, and Student Government, will be presenting three nights of concerts on State’s campus this fall!  “Fridays on the Lawn” will take place on Harris Field in front of Witherspoon Student Center,  and each night will feature two local acts.  All shows are FREE and open to the public, and will start at 6pm.  If you cannot make it out, don’t fret!  The shows will be aired LIVE during the Local Beat starting at 6pm!

There will be FREE pizza and a limited supply of FREE T-shirts, as well.

The first date of the series is Friday September 25th,  and will feature I Was Totally Destroying It and Luego.

Check ‘em out here.


Friday October 30th will feature Schooner and Max Indian.

Local hip-hop acts The Beast and Kooley High will round out the series on Friday, November 20th.

In the event of adverse weather conditions, the shows will be held in the Wolves’ Den in the basement of Talley Student Center, with convenient parking at the Reynolds Coliseum Deck.   Click on the map below for a larger version.  (Full disclosure: this image was created by an engineering student.)