Festival Coverage

My Schedule for Moogfest

Join me at Moogfest as I cover the many films, Installations, WorkShops, and Performances. My schedule isn’t set in stone and I’ll probably need a bicycle to hop along to all the different events, but I’m super excited to see the talent. 

Thursday, my most anticipated set is Julia Holter, which is why I have her on my schedule for Saturday as well, just in case I miss her. She played Moogfest 2012 and her 2015 album, Have You In My Wilderness, was a top add at WKNC. “Sea Calls Me Home” was one of my favorites off the album. 

For Friday, my must see is GZA, the legendary Wu-Tang Clan cofounder. GZA, the Genius, is known as the spiritual leader of Wu-Tang Clan, thus making him one of the forebears of 90’s hip-hop. He is a definite must see for any fans of the genre. He was a major part of seminal albums such as Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) or his solo album Liquid Swords. GZA was known to have the second largest vocabulary in all hip hop. He will release his new album, Dark Matter, sometime later this year. 

Saturday, I’d have to say I’m split between Reggie Watts and Empress Of. Reggie Watts is musician, singer, beatboxer, actor, and comedian. He improvises his musical sets with the goal of disorienting his audience with only his voice, a keyboard, and a looping machine. Check out Watts’ song “Social Construct” for a good taste of what is to come. Lorely Rodriguez’ solo project, Empress Of released her first full-length album Me in 2015. Rodriguez, ethnically Spanish and Honduran, performs her songs in Spanish and English, creating fantastic tracks like “Tristeza”. Everything released by Empress Of has been top notch, ranging from her 2016 single “Woman is a Word” to her 2012 single “Champagne”. Both acts are sure to be great. 

In addition to the music, I plan to attend many workshops including Afrofuturism, Radio & the Radiophonic, STEAM, Technoshamanism, The Future of Creativity, and Transhumanism.

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– Ian Grice, WKNC Co-Public Affairs Director

Festival Coverage

Moogfest Raps

DJ Iron Mic gives us the run down on hip-hop at Moogfest 2016. 

This year, Moogfest’s lineup flexes some serious hip hop muscle with contributions from local favorites like Professor Toon and Well$, nationally known emerging artists like Denzel Curry and Torey Lanez, and a two-night residency from the legendary Wu-Tang cofounder GZA, mostly performing at Motorco Music Hall on Friday night. It’s going to be a crazy night for hip hop heads, and Motorco’s perfect size is going to make it intimate and hype. Get there early for Professor Toon at 7, stick around for ODESZA, and stay until 1am to watch GZA do his thing. In the mean time, listen to these tracks from Moogfest’s hip hop lineup, and get yourself ready to wild out.

Here is a Spotify playlist for all the hip-hop artists to look out for at Moogfest