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EOT93 Amendment One Special 6/5/12

Economic: There’s an old saying about politics; “It’s the economy, stupid.” What kind of economic impact would Amendment One have on North Carolina? Jake went to find out more.

Legal: By it’s very nature, a constitutional amendment carries enormous legal implications for citizens all around hte state. Deondre’ went in search of just how it is this amendment will change the legal face of our state.

Sociological: Everyone can talk about the legal and economic effects of an amendment like this. But at the end of the day, it affects real people.

Restaurant of the week: Centro, a mexican restaurant in downtown Raleigh.

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EOT74 GLBT Center 11/8/11

EcoCar 2- Right now, we all use gasoline and fossil fuels to get around, but they won’t last forever.  Students right here at NC State are working to solve the problem of oil addiction, and Nick had the story.

GLBT Center-  It’s hard being a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered student here on campus.  Other students don’t always understand what’s going on in their heads.  The GLBT Center serves as a refuge for students who need support that they may not be getting elsewhere.  Jake met up with some members of the center and has the story.

Defense of Marriage Act- The Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, has become a hot-button issue here in North Carolina.  Recently in the student senate here at NC State, they came up with a bill of their own.  Jay has prepared a story to try and explain what’s going on.

African Awareness Week- This week is African Awareness Week here at NC State, and Chris has the scoop on what it is, what it means to the campus, and what it means for the African American Cultural Center.

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EOT72 Sustainability Day 10/25/11

Pumpkin Seed Recipe- Chris brings us an easy and delectable way to prepare pumpkin seeds.

NC State GLBT Center Vandalism-  Jake delivers an editorial piece about the vandalism that took place at the GLBT Center on the NC State campus.

Community Calendar- Bri gives a rundown of what’s going on around campus in the coming week.

Campus Sustainablility Day- Nick interviews David Dean from the Office of Sustainability about Campus Sustainability Day and the festivites associated with it.

English Premiere League Soccer News- In the second installment of this segment, Matt delivers the news of the soccer world.

This Week In History- Jake, filling in for Nick, and Dave, bring you historical events from this week in history.

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