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Moogfest 2017 Preview


After a brief hiatus, Moogfest found a new home in Durham, North Carolina, a growing, progressive, artistic oasis in the middle of North Carolina nicely complemented by Raleigh and Chapel Hill/Carrboro. Returning for its second year, Moogfest is sure to bring an abundance of festival-goers this upcoming weekend to enjoy the many sights, sounds, and tastes the city has to offer. There is something for just about everybody at this year’s iteration of Moogfest; here are a few that WKNC is especially looking forward to.

The Music

As a college radio station, the first thing that is undoubtedly going to draw our eyes to any festival will be the music. Moogfest has delivered a solid lineup with the big names of Flying Lotus and Animal Collective, but what lies beneath those names is equally as impressive. Hailing from Brooklyn as a resident DJ at Red Bull Music Academy, electronic producer Octo Octa will be bringing her eloquent take on house music to a dance-ridden Armory, Saturday night at 8pm. Experimental artist Pharmakon takes the stage at Motorco on Saturday night at 10:15 with her devastating composition of noise instrumentals mixed with her harshly terrifying, yet beautifully anguished yells. This is an act that is sure to confound, but also amaze, those that are new to Pharmakon’s music.

Moor Mother is quite the decorated artist, having her work featured at many museums and touring around the world. Her first album, Sacred Bones, released in 2016 via Don Giovanni Records, has received many accolades. With her eclectic sound ranging from harsh noise with spoken word over top to more hip-hop focused tracks, Moor Mother is one of the most intriguing acts this festival has to offer, which is even amplified more by the vagueness of her performance at the festival. Listed as a Durational Sound Installation at the American Underground Storefront on Thursday from 3-7pm, she is a definite must see as Moor Mother will definitely be bringing something to Durham worth every second of your time. For a downright good time, Moogfest has brought some great hip-hop this year. New York’s Princess Nokia and Raleigh and WKNC favorite ZenSoFly are destined to lead some of the most fun shows at this year’s Moogfest with their bouncy, relaxed take on hip-hop.

The Many Other Things

With all the exceptional music, it is hard to forget that Moogfest offers exceptional day programming that features many guest talkers, from famous musicians such as Michael Stipe of REM fame, to pioneers of electronic, to local scholars from the myriad of universities surrounding Durham. These programs easily enhance the experience of Moogfest tenfold as it adds a completely new dimension to the festival that other festivals just don’t have. One of the coolest aspects to being held in Durham is Moogfest’s access to Carolina Theatre; they use it quite well by showing films that are live soundtracked. This year, Hopscotch alum Suzi Analogue will be doing this for her film No Moon No Man with fellow artist VHVL. Amongst other talks is the aforementioned artist Octo Octa, who will be doing a talk and meet and greet at the LGBTQ Center in Durham on Sunday at 12. There are many other installations worth checking out that are open and free to the public such as one about Star Wars on Saturday afternoon, then there is the Moog Market, which gives everyone an opportunity to play around with the namesake of the festival, Moog synthesizers.

Food and Other Things  

If you are of age and enjoy alcohol, Oskar Blues Brewing and Bulliet Bourbon will be holding cheap tastings and free samples of their product at Moogfest. There is a record fair hosted by Merge Records at Fullsteam Brewing on Saturday. There are endless great restaurant options throughout Durham for everyone, including vegans and vegetarians. We are definitely looking forward to spending a fun-filled, music exploratory weekend in Durham. Make sure you follow our social media accounts for updates.

Festival Coverage

Places to Eat During Hopscotch

Hopscotch Music Festival happening next week (Sept. 4th-6th) is about bringing you music that’s good and not mainstream.  So yes, there’s a Subway next to King’s Barcade and a McDonalds between Lincoln and Kennedy Theaters, but why settle for mainstream chains when you can find great food locally?

Running around to catch all of your favorite bands around Raleigh is sure to leave us all hungry.  So we’ve put together a list of a few local favorites that are on the way to the venues of Hopscotch.  Late-night eats (open later than midnight) are marked with two asterisks (**)!

Calavela** – An empanada and tequila bar that’s quick and delicious. Tasty $3 empanadas all night long. Close to: Lincoln Theater, City Plaza, Pour House, Tir Na Nog. (Open until 2am every night)

Berkeley Cafe** – Burger joint and bar on the edge of Nash Square.  Its chill atmosphere is a great place for a quick bite to eat.  Close to: King’s Barcade, CAM Raleigh.  (Open until 2am, Fri/Sat!)

Bida Manda – Sandwiched right between Pour House and Tir na nOg, this Loatian restaurant is a little more pricey than the rest, but it’s well worth it.  It’s a place of incredible authentic food, genuinely kind service, and a great story.  Close to: Tir na nOg, Pour House, Vintage 21.  (Open until midnight, Fri/Sat)

buku – Looking for something a bit less American?  This worldly restaurant serves street food from all over the globe.  Close to: City Plaza, Lincoln Theater.  (Open until midnight, Fri/Sat)

Mecca** – While this place is often mistaken for a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern place, they’ve got great food from all over.  Close to: King’s Barcade, Slim’s, The Hive. (Open until 1:00 am Th-Sat!)

Raleigh Times** – Local hotspot bar, central to Downtown Raleigh.  Besides drinks, you can grab sandwiches, tacos, and more as well as your typical “bar food."  Close to:  Slim’s, The Hive, King’s Barcade.  (Open until 2:00 am!)

Remedy Diner – Looking for veggie options?  This is a go-to spot for meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans alike.  Remedy has incredible dishes for all kinds dietary lifestyles, including their "Tempeh Tantrum” that won PETA’s Top 5 Vegan Sandwiches in the USA.  Close to: Pour House, Tir na nOg, Vintage 21, The Hive, Slim’s.  (Open until midnight, Fri/Sat)

While we could never create a fully comprehensive list (because there are just so many incredible restaurants downtown), we wanted to get you guys started so you don’t get caught at McDonalds.  But just because something isn’t listed here, doesn’t mean it’s not good.  Don’t be afraid to just walk in to a hole-in-the-wall joint, or anything that looks good!  You might just find your new favorite restaurant.

Happy eating!

Non-Music News

Special Amendment 1 show of Eye on the Triangle!

Hey everyone,

As always we are bringing you weather and news for this week. However, our show is extremely special today, as all of our stories will pertain to the different effects of Amendment 1. This week, we will cover the different legal, sociological, and economical impacts that this new Amendment has had on the state of North Carolina. Lastly, we’ll have Deondre’s Restaurant Highlight of the Week as well. Be sure to tune in tonight at 7p.m.! It’ll be a great show!