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DBB12 Artist Profile: Mac McCaughan


Mac McCaughan

There aren’t many with the level of cred that Mac McCaughan carries. The Superchunk and Portastatic frontman’s legacy has affected the Triangle with both his music and Merge, the label he founded with Superchunk bandmate Laura Ballance in 1989.

Last year saw Merge’s 25th year of existence, and they used their firsthand experience as working musicians to grow from humble 7’’ and cassette releases in the early 90’s to the indie powerhouse they are today. Not only have they boasted mega acts like Arcade Fire and Neutral Milk Hotel, but continue to host North Carolina’s own talent such as Hiss Golden Messenger, Mount Moriah, and DBB12 headliners Spider Bags.

Superchunk hasn’t slowed down either. 2013’s release of “I Hate Music” was met with critical acclaim and a clear message that the modern indie rock world wouldn’t be getting tired of Superchunk any time soon.

On Feb. 7 at Lincoln Theatre, McCaughan will take the stage at an event played by countless acts that he’s inspired and supported. Without Mac McCaughan, the Triangle music scene as we know it probably wouldn’t exist.

– Walt Lilly, WKNC Program Director

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Double Barrel Benefit 7 presents: Veelee

When you listen to Carrboro duo Veelee, you hear music inspired by a wide range of sources. For band mates Matt Park and Ginger Wagg, elements of music from bands such as Young People, Low, Lungfish, Stereolab and Pram went into creating Veelee’s unique sound. Also, according to Matt, Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 hit “Dream” has also served as a major influence on the way he and Ginger create music – everything happening in the song goes hand in hand its unchanging baseline.

Ginger, a first-time drummer, describes her percussion style as “simple and straightforward.” Veelee is the first band in which she has been a member. However, it seems doubtful the band’s success comes from beginner’s luck. Hard copies of its EP “Three Sides,” which came out  in May 2009, are sold out. The release received local acclaim from sources such as the Independent Weekly.

Until recently, Veelee had performed primarily in Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Durham.

“We’ve gotten to play with all sorts of fantastic local bands. [Artists in the Triangle] are really supportive of one another,” Park and Wagg said. “They are very welcoming and inclusive.”

However, the band just embarked on its first tour, along with Raleigh’s Gross Ghost, which it said was a great success.

Now that they’re back in town, Veelee will play at The Pour House Friday, February 5, during night one of Double Barrel Benefit 7. Friday’s set also includes The Light Pines, Bellafea and Max Indian.

For the complete Double Barrel schedule and ticket information, click here.


Top 10 tracks selected by Brian Corum of Lonnie Walker

Brian Corum, front- man for everyone’s favorite Lonnie Walker, has graciously given us his top song list this week.

Make sure to check out Lonnie Walker September 5 at Local Beer Local Band at Tir Na Nog with Americans in France and Anti Bubbles.

“I couldn’t put any kind of order to this list so these are just 10 of my favorite jams right now,” Corum writes.

1. Future Islands Pinnochio

“I love these guys with my heart deepness. Their new songs keep getting better and better and Sam’s lyrics and his lyrical placements are something I look up to.”

2. GirlsLust for Life
“This song is ridiculously catchy and the first line is a guy singing, ‘oh I wish I had a boyfriend’ which I’ve caught myself singing out loud before and in turn have gotten some strange looks from people.”

3. Fleetwood MacNot that Funny
“It’s got this weird tone that comes in and out of the mix and I really like the snarl in Buckingham’s vocal delivery.”

4. The RentalsSweetness and Tenderness
“I hadn’t really listened to the Rentals much since high school, but I played the album Return of the Rentals the other day while driving and was over-flooded with sweet memories.”

5. Americans in France Nose Job
“I really like the snotty nose brat aesthetic that this band does so well – and they are local. I got the album Pretzelvania, and I think it’s great. We’re playing together on Sept. 5 at Tir Na Nog too, along with a new band called AntiBubbles. I’m real excited about this show!”

6. Gillian Welch – By the Mark
“The best song about Jesus Christ, ever. So pure, and her voice. I love her voice.”

7. Talking Heads– Animals
“Super paranoia – this song is pretty strange even for the Talking Heads. It’s filled with a bunch of jagged rants about how the animals are laughing at the human condition.”

8. Angelo Badalamenti – The Straight Story Soundtrack
The Straight Story is one of my favorite David Lynch films. It’s tame compared to a lot of his stuff, but you can still tell Lynch made it. The score fits so great, too.”

9. Magnetic FieldsKiss Me Like You Mean It
“The line, ‘come here baby and kiss me like you mean it,’ sounds like it should be an old Humphrey Bogart quote.”

10. Cluster – Zum Wohl
“The album Sowiesoso was playing at Schoolkids one day while I was looking around and I ended up buying it instead of everything else. It’s a super warm sounding electronic album, great to work to, and I thank Brad for talking me into buying it.”