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(DJ butter in the stu)

This is my third semester working for WKNC, and it’s been AMAZING. The best part of my week is ploppin’ down in the studio, playing my music, and getting on air. It’s honestly such a great feeling to share my favorite music with Raleigh. To anyone who’s considering being a DJ at WKNC: DO IT. You for sure won’t regret it, and there are tons of opportunities for paid positions too!

At the beginning, I had major imposter syndrome every time I came to do my shift. I was so scared that I was going to mess up somehow (which I did do many times in various ways). Here are some things I wish I could tell myself when I first started:

1. RELAX. Take a deep breath before you start speaking on air. It’s okay to be nervous at first, but the more you calm down, the less you’ll stutter.

2. That being said, it’s OKAY TO MESS UP. I mean, don’t say something that’ll get us fined, but if you fumble over your words or accidentally say the wrong song title, I assure you the world will not collapse and burn.

3. When you first start, write your script down. We learned this in DJ training, but a young, naïve DJ butter thought she could just go in headfirst and ended up failing miserably. Eventually, you’ll be comfortable enough to improv, but it’s always good to keep using a script if you want to!

4. Don’t be intimidated by all the technology. You’ll learn it with time, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re unsure, either from whoever’s in the office or by getting in touch with your trainer!

5. Plan ahead and know your playlist well, especially if you know your songs have a lot of curse words in them. Editing them out will take longer than you think it does.

6. The more you put into it, the better it’ll be. When you’re excited about the music you play, people can tell! One of the best feelings is having someone call in and tell you they like your set.

7. Have a friend or two listen in to your set. They can tell you if you’re too quiet or if anything sounded awkward so you can know how to improve next time. It also helps to know that someone kind is listening!

8. Draw something on the whiteboard, leave a song in the song sharing jar, and introduce the next DJ!

I hope this helps, DJs! Special shoutout to one of my favorite DJs, Midsize Joe, for helping brainstorm this advice, you rock.

– DJ butter

Non-Music News

Oak City Move 24: The Conjure and Journeymen

Phian and Jenaye speak with Gemynii, founder of The Conjure, a dance party for black and brown femmes, and Journeymen, an organization that teaches emotional literacy to young boys.

Listen to Episode 24 here.

Festival Coverage

Thursday night Hopscotch at Neptunes

While one of the most engaging parts of Hopscotch is racing from venue to venue to catch your favorite acts, it’ll be hard to find a reason to leave Neptune’s Thursday night.

Kicking off the lineup is David Mueller’s solo electronic project TZYVYX (pronounced civics). Mueller is a member of Raleigh’s Birds of Avalon and Heads on Sticks, but his solo project eschews traditional song structures for experimental electronic soundscapes. TZYVYX builds off of little, using few vocals, sleek synthesizers, and minimal percussion to fill the room. His live performances incorporate the use of projectors and CRT TV sets, creating a powerful atmosphere hard to step away from.

Following TZYVYX is former Asheville local Nick James. James was previously in a Raleigh band, Oulipo, but also has adopted a radically different sound for his solo music. With slow, grinding tempos, his tracks use building chromatic melodies and drones to create a supremely menacing post-apocalyptic atmosphere. As tension builds James sporadically releases that kinetic energy with thick-as-concrete industrial bass punches. It’s startlingly cathartic for music that seems so sparse, but feels natural. Utilizing visuals for most of his live performances as well but had the following to say on them in an interview with The News & Observer: “…with my show, I kind of thought, since it’s built for sound systems – there’s a lot of bass, there’s a lot of heavy, kind of reverberating, cinematic sound – I want visuals, but projections aren’t necessarily high-definition enough. So, I’ve kind of gone with this HDMI, dual flat-screen situation that gives it this kind of high-definition sound environment that, when people are listening to the music and watching the visuals, it’s a much different, musical experience.”

Up next on Thursday night’s lineup is Chicago’s Teklife member DJ Earl. After gaining a steadfast knowledge of Chicago’s juke culture at a young age from other Teklife DJs like Rashad, Spinn, and Traxman, DJ Earl began producing his own sounds that promote a fresh generation of footwork. While Earl was not a part of the official Hopscotch lineup last year, he took the stage of King’s the night before with DJ Paypal and DJ Big Hank kicking off the festival.

Closing out the night at Neptunes is UK producer Mumdance whose energetic, grime dance music will make it hard to leave the parlour to race over to CAM to catch Cashmere Cat.

Non-Music News

Wanna join WKNC?

WKNC 88.1 FM, the student-run radio station at North Carolina State University, offers volunteer on- and off-air positions to full-time N.C. State students with a 2.0 minimum grade point average. To qualify for an on-air position, you must first complete a five week DJ training program and pass a written operator’s exam and demonstrative audio board test. WKNC trains approximately 75 students each year during its spring, summer and fall training classes.

Anyone interested in becoming a WKNC DJ must first attend one of two interest meetings. The interest meetings will be Wednesday, Aug. 19 and Thursday, Aug. 20 from 6-7 p.m. in 356 Witherspoon. During the interest meeting, the WKNC staff provides an overview of the radio station and its role on campus and in the community. Applications will be distributed, which must be completed and returned to the WKNC studios at 343 Witherspoon Student Center by 5 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 21. Individuals interested in electronic, hip-hop, heavy metal and public affairs are particularly encouraged to attend an interest meeting and apply for a spot in the WKNC DJ training program.

After reviewing all applications, the general manager will contact applicants via email regarding their acceptance. Decisions will be made by the general manager and program director, in consultation with the student board of directors.

The DJ training class will be held Wednesdays from 6-7 p.m. on Aug. 26, Sept. 2, Sept. 9, Sept. 16 and Sept. 23.

Non-Music News

Want to work at WKNC 88.1?

– Do you want to be apart of Indy Week’s Best College Radio Station in the Triangle? – Have the chance to DJ the Raleigh/Durham (and beyond) airwaves at 25k watts? – Volunteer at Hopscotch Music Festival? – Help organize popular local events like Fridays on the Lawn & Local Beer Local Band? – Get hooked up with free tickets to local shows? –

You are in luck! WKNC will be holding training classes this summer for students interested in getting involved at North Carolina State University’s award winning radio station.

Attend our interest meeting on Tuesday, July 9 from 6-7 pm

All interest inquiries will be due Friday, July 12 at 5 pm

Training classes: July 16-August 13 : Tuesdays from 6-7 pm

(interest meeting attendance is required in order to apply for training classes. all meetings and classes will be held in Witherspoon 324.)