Concert Review

Every Local Band Local Beer in July brought something new and the July 31st show was no exception.

Cat Be Damned(first photo) started off the night. Typically a full band, only one member was performing tonight. While simple with only vocals and a guitar, the lyrics were fun and catchy.

Following up was another solo act, TOW3RS(middle two photos). TOW3RS put on a dramatic and well rehearsed performance. This guy has got some dance moves! I look forward to seeing his Hopscotch performance as he will be performing with a full band.

Wesley Wolf(bottom three photos) brought the rock to an otherwise tranquil night.

A special thanks to French Broad Brewery and Lazer Dan for all the delicious samples provided in July!


Concert Preview

Fridays on the Lawn // March 28, 2014

WKNC presents Fridays on the Lawn, our FREE OUTDOOR CONCERT SERIES, with two great indie rock acts, Double Barrel Benefit 9’s GROSS GHOST and CAT BE DAMNED! Fridays on the Lawn means local music, free food, prizes, and giveaways! This week food is provided by Moe’s Southwest Grill. 

“The Lawn” is back to its roots at HARRIS FIELD in front of WKNC at the Witherspoon building. This is on the intersection of Cates Avenue and Dan Allen Drive. Parking is available in Dan Allen Deck and all spots marked “C” at and after 5 PM.


“Gross Ghost has been a longtime favorite of mine since they released their first EP Lip City a few years ago, now the band has just released their second full length record Public Housing and finds themselves swiftly picking up steam in the local scene. With a solidified lineup and a fresh approach to their straight-forward hook-heavy indie rock, Gross Ghost is ready to ascend to prominence on the heels of this incredible album that chronicles the highs and lows of broken relationships and life’s constant uncertainties. We’ll chat a bit about the writing process within Gross Ghost, the struggles of laying your emotions on the line and some of the ins and outs of being in a “buzz band.”

-Grant Golden, host of Carolina Grown, editor in chief of The Bottom String from Carolina Grown’s November 1st podcast of 2013


Performances draw from the paragons of 90s indie rock like Sebadoh, and Surfer Rosa era Pixies. Cat be Damned has played a series of house and DIY shows on bills with artists like Ted Leo, Maps & Atlases, and the Dismemberment Plan (including opening the VA show depicted on the cover of D-Plan’s 2013 album Uncanny Valley). The band has slowly developed an underground following in North Carolina and Virginia, where its various members live.