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Cardigan Records Hopscotch Day Party

If you live in Raleigh, North Carolina, then you know that the one and only Hopscotch Music Festival took place over the weekend! It’s four fun days jam packed with all the music and beer you can get your hands on. On Friday, I stopped by to check out Cardigan Records’ Day party, hosted at Deep South downtown. 

Cardigan Records arranged a fantastic lineup of local artists, including Bruxes, Basement Life and Psycho Sonic Cindi. I dropped by just in time to see two of my favorite local artists: propersleep and Youth League!

Propersleep, who just recently signed to Cardigan, is a three-piece alternative/emo rock band coming straight from Raleigh. Ben (guitar/vocals), Andrew (bass/vocals) and Scott (drums) have excellent stage presence that will get any crowd going. Not to mention, they are all incredibly friendly individuals who share a strong passion for creating the great music that they do. After their set, I asked if I could get a picture of them, which they kindly agreed to.

propersleep members, pictured above (left to right): Scott Jackson, Benjamin Young, and Andrew McGinn.

Then, the founder of Cardigan Records, Shane, decided to jump in!

After we took pictures together, I headed back inside to watch Youth League perform, another fantastic emo-rock/math rock band from North Carolina. I have watched them perform several times prior to this show and highly recommend giving them a listen, as they are great! Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take a picture of them. 

These are two amazing bands signed to Cardigan Records, but there are plenty more on the label. If you find yourself wanting to explore some new local music, head over to the Cardigan site to browse through some more truly talented artists!

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Note: You can also catch Propersleep at WKNC’s Radio Ride to Kick Off Raleigh Beer Week on Sunday, Sept. 17.

Festival Coverage

Phuzz Phest

Going into Saturday night at Phuzz Phest in Winston Salem, NC, one of my most anticipated shows of the evening was seeing Durham rapper Eggy Strange at Reanimator Records. Being a venue that has a max capacity below 50 people, I knew this would be a rare opportunity that I would not want to miss out on. Right before the show started, Eggy was asked if he wanted the lights on and he thankfully declined which resulted in just one lamp being brought out to serve as the lighting for the entire space.

Eggy was only accompanied by one other member who was put in charge of running the laptop beats to run in the background. From here, the rest of the show consisted of Eggy walking around his tiny corner with mic in hand and lyrics spilling out from the soul. Eggy Strange is currently signed under Cardigan Records which is also based out of North Carolina.

Clint Bowman, Local Music Director