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Ski Lodge / Big Heart

A lot of bands get compared to the Smiths, but this charming band really, REALLY sounds like the Smiths. The lead singer even has the last name Marr. That being said, Ski Lodge isn’t a cheap imitation of an iconic band – they sound more like what might happen if the Smiths were still making new music today. Nothing groundbreaking, but definitely worth a spin.


Willis Earl BealNobody Knows.

Willis Earl Beal is troubled – and he’s asking the tough questions with a voice as smooth as butter (that is, when it’s not a guttural growl). Needless to say, this is a dark and emotional album but very mesmerizing. The collab with Cat Power provides one of the only upbeat tracks, but what the album lacks in pep, it makes up for in SOUL, man.


Belle and SebastianThe Third Eye Centre

This is a pretty diverse collection of “B-sides and rarities” from their time with Rough Trade Records between 2003 and 2010. Also a few interesting remixes. Overall, an interesting look at how the band’s sound has changed over time.


King Krule6 Feet Beneath the Moon

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not really into King Krule. But maybe you are, and that’s fine! Yay diversity! Anyway, this album is meditative, reverb-y, and propelled by Archy Marshall’s thick-accented London drawl. Would fit well into a chilled-out set.



Music News and Interviews

DJ Ones’ Five Music Facts from the past week

1. Following a handful of terrible news, Interpol has announced that they have a new bassist in David Pajo. The band has also announced their upcoming album will be called Interpol and is set to release sometime in September. (via Pitchfork)

2. Luke Steele of Empire of the Sun has revealed that he hasn’t spoken to his bandmate Nick Littlemore since last February. But Steele isn’t put off by not seeing Littlemore saying, “Once it (the tour) starts it becomes the norm. You’ve got to keep the show on the road. This is rock ‘n’ roll.” (via NME)

3. Portland Mayor Sam Adams has, among other things, a portrait of Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock. The singer, who is standing in front of a boar, dressed in lederhosen, and holding a guitar, recently stopped by the mayor’s office to see the portrait that Alexander Rokoff created in person and answer a few question with the artist about it. (via Pitchfork)

4. MGMT has released rather specific details on their new audio recording at live shows. The band will have special sections at live shows where fans will be allowed to record the band and they will be prohibited to record anywhere outside of this reserved area. The band is still prohibiting video recording. (via NME)

5. Belle and Sebastian has announced their first tour in quite some time. The band is planning on a short tour with about nine dates in the U.S. in the fall. The band is also close to finishing off their next album saying they were in “final stages of recording the new album.” (via Spinner)

Music News and Interviews

DJ Ones’ Five Music Facts from the past week

1. The National’s new album entitled “High Violet” will be released in May. The National are planning to play a series of music festivals over the summer, with individual tour dates starting in late March in support to the follow up of 07’s “Boxer.” (via NME)

2. Pin Me Down, the side-project of Bloc Party guitarists Russell Lissack, is set to release it’s debut album April 19th in the UK. Lissack is joined alongside of singer-songwriter Milena Mepri. (via NME)

3. Belle and Sebastian are back after a short hiatus. In an email sent to the member of their mailing list, the band stated that they were currently writing new material in Glasgow, Scotland, and they plan on coming to Los Angeles to record the new material in the near future. The band currently has three shows scheduled in mid-July and early August. (via Pitchfork)

4. Adrian Utley  (Portishead) and Will Gregory (Goldfrapp) are collaborating to create a new score to the 1928 silent film, “The Passion of Joan of Arc.” (via Pitchfork)

5. Animal Collective have unveiled a new art exhibit for the New York’s Guggenheim Museum. The exhibit included psychedelic sounds and abstract models. The exhibit is called “Transverse Temporal Gyrus” and was created alongside Danny Perez. The exhibit featured all new music from the band. (via Spin)