Contact WKNC staff

WKNC is a student-run radio station, which means all our student directors also have to go to class, study for and pass those classes, work other part-time jobs and have family and social responsibilities. This also means sometimes we miss our office hours or are slow to respond to email. Please be patient. You can refer to the NC State academic calendar for school holidays, breaks and exams. All directors can be reached at 919-515-2401, but email is the preferred method of communication. Our mailing address is located at bottom of this page. Before sending an email, check our FAQ page to see if we have already anticipated and answered your question.

Spring 2019 WKNC executive staff

WKNC managers in 1969. We have always been cool.

Jules Conlon, general manager

Jack Greene, program director - no music submissions, please (send to MDs below)

Nick Weaver and Marissa Jerden, public affairs directors

Becca Fesperman, promotions director

Gab Scaff, sponsorship director

C Phillips, multimedia/Lounge director

Cliff Jenkins, Daytime indie rock/radio 200 music director - no singles, please

Elizabeth Maynard, Afterhours electronic/RPM music director

Ashley Darrisaw, Underground hip-hop/urban music director

Erika Bass, Chainsaw heavy metal/loud rock music director

Brock Sliter, Local (North Carolina) music director

Jamie Lynn Gilbert, station adviser